A Fire at Home

The house never burnt down if you're a gore hunter! Seriously though I had a terrifying episode a couple of days ago that really scared me.

Every night I put the fan heater on in the landing upstairs just before the kids go to bed. It takes the chill out of the air quickly and cheaply and it's something I've done every night for weeks now. The other night was no different..

"Mum something smells tangy" said Carson who was in the hall outside the living room. He was right. I thought it was odd so went upstairs to investigate. Half way up the stairs I knew it was coming from the heater so was going to turn it off at the plug. I was inches away from the socket when a bright blue flash coupled with a seriously scary BOOM cut all of the electric out. I was stood in the pitch black breathing in stinky smoke, shaking like a leaf. I took a second to compose myself, ignoring Carson shouting that he couldn't see, but then came the flickers of orange flame inside the heater itself and licking up the sides from the bottom. Oh my God it was on fire. WTF do I do?

I couldn't see anything, I had no torch, at this point Carson was panicking as it was so dark, Finley was screaming (what else is new!) and I was flapping like I don't know what. 

Is it safe to uplug it? How do I carry it out of the house? Can I just try to blow it out or will that aggravate it? Is water a bad idea? 

Suddenly, it hit me that I really had no clue when it came to fire safety and I was completely unprepared for such a situation. I shouldn't be allowed kids! In my complete panic I ran to both my lovely next door neighbours. Not even sure why - for advice I guess? By the time they were upstairs with me the flames had just died down and luckily it appeared to have burnt itself out, having nothing to ignite anywhere near it. 

So then I felt so stupid!! They helped me turn my mains back on and I unplugged the offending son-of-a-bitch heater, launching it into my garden in the rain. *take that!*

This has probably caused you to laugh, yes, I was flapping over nothing and I do feel ridiculous, but at the same time I wanted to tell you all so you could think/prepare yourselves for such a situation in your own home. I'm going to leave a torch by my front door, inside the electric meter cupboard - I'll never be plagued with darkness again (I honestly think that added to my fear). I will be asking my landlord if he can provide electric fire safety blankets or if not, I'll source a couple myself (I could have just thrown that over the top of the heater immediately and had no panic at all).

There was no lasting damage - a bit of a dark 'smoke' stain on the wall, which wiped away the next morning, and a slight dark burn in the carpet - which really doesn't look bad at all considering. 

Moral of the story? Always be prepared!


  1. Great post that has me saying no - not prepared at all. I would've been just like you.



  2. That's so scary - I'm glad you're all ok! I would have been completely unprepared too x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  3. Fab and very important post!! So glad you are all ok and it wasn't more serious!! xxx

  4. Thank you for this timely warning. I don't know what I'd do either. It's a frightening situation. How dare heaters blow up like this. How dare they cause a fire. You're just lucky nothing was close by.

  5. I am glad you are okay and I would have done exactly the same as you x

  6. Oh wow scary, thanks for making us more aware. Thanks for linking up x

  7. That must have been so scary. I don't think I would be prepared either. I go into panic mode too quickly.

  8. OMG, what a scary situation. I reckon I would have been panicking exactly like you.

  9. How frightening for you. I wouldn't have been quite sure what to do either!

  10. How scary for you. Bless. I wouldn't have a clue what to do and I don't think many would either. Glad all is ok. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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