Reindeer Rocket from Big Cup Little Cup

I'm a coffee fiend. Can I function without? HA!

As time has gone on, I find myself preferring a full-bodied, strong coffee so when I was sent some limited edition Reindeer Rocket from Cafepod & their Big Cup Little Cup range to review I was like a dog to a bone - it has a strength rating of 9. Yesss!

Given it's strength, there's no surprises that this is a Lungo coffee capsule, that is a big cup as opposed to an espresso, a little cup (Hence - Big Cup Little Cup!)

Retailing at £2.80 for 10 capsules in each box, they are Nespresso compatible.

What if you don't have a Nespresso machine though, or you foolishly lent it to someone for a family do with no time to get it back to review some items you may have been sent (oops)?
I could have cried - I just wanted to drink my Reindeer Rocket. I needed that Rocket!

Teasing myself, I opened the individually wrapped pod and the aroma hit me. A hint of spice to a deep rich chocolatey coffee. Gah! What could I do?

Then came the brainwave, what about making a one-cup cafetiere using the coffee blend inside the pod?

I peeled off the foil lid and emptied into my cafetiere adding just enough hot water for one mug. I let it brew for a couple of minutes, the aroma filling the entire downstairs of my house, before plunging and pouring into my snazzy coffee glasses, that I also received.

Use cafepods without nespresso machine, using cafepods

The result? A perfectly brewed, well rounded, full bodied coffee with an excellent flavour. Ok so I didn't get the usual frothy top as in a Nespresso but everything else was all there. I always get the ratio of coffee to water wrong when using cafetieres but by using my CafePods, I get it spot on every time. I usually drink my coffee white but black just socks it to ya' - perfect for first thing in the morning before work or a day with the kiddies.

Get ready for the Christmas season and treat yourself to some nespresso compatible Big Cup Little Cup coffees at and take advantage of this 15% off your first order code as well: CARSONS15 
There's a lot to choose from, whether you want Lungo or Espresso, and there's also Christmas gift boxes for that coffee loving friend of yours (Festive Fuel Gift Pack for me please!!)

Have you tried Big Cup Little Cup capsules yet? What's your perfect cuppa like?


  1. I have a family member who is a huge coffee lover and I think this might be what I'll be getting them for Christmas x

  2. Very clever using the pod without a coffee machine. Glad to hear you achieve the right strength, nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning! x


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