An (excitable) Ode to Angel Delight!

When I was a kid, we did Angel Delight "Neapolitans" - you know, Chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours all layered in to a glass. It had to be served in a glass so you could see it, else it just wasn't the same (kinda like having champagne in a plastic beaker). You see, to us, Angel Delight was an dessert experience, so to this day I carry my childhood traditions on by serving in a clear dish or glass, either layered as a neapolitan or separately and topped with treats.

Britmums has challenged us bloggers to talk about our #AngelDelightMoments, whatever they may be. To help us in our challenge, we were sent a couple of packets of bubblegum flavoured Angel Delight and - like they actually read my mind... a glass dish to serve it in.

Their new flavour is sooo bubblegummy but not sweet and sickly, more to the pity as it means I will only eat more but hey ho, I'm not complaining... and neither are the kids.

In fact... Carson suggested writing a poem to say thank you for his new Angel Delight dish and asked if he could 'be famous again' and be in the blog! So I laughed and said yes, helped him a teeny tiny bit (mainly with the rhyming!), videoed him, laughed again, and then laughed some more. He took it incredibly seriously and really went all out with it, including doing a dance (of sorts!), so here goes...

Ode To Angel Delight! 
by Carson, age 6.

If that's not an #angeldelightmoment in itself, I don't know what is! If you can't watch it you're missing out it goes like this...

Angel Delight is really cool
If you don't eat it, you're a fool.
Banana, strawberry, chocolate too
Even bubblegum woo woo wooo!
Separately, layered or topped with treats
It's tasty whatever way eat eat eat!
Yummy in my tummy
Thank you Mummy
For buying me Angel Delight!

You're welcome son, you really are welcome. 

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  1. Mmmm I love angel delight! Never seen the bubblegum flavoured one though?? I used to dip chis into mine when I was at school and you had dessert at the same time as lunch! YUMMY!!

    1. mmm I used to dip chips into choc milkshake (still do if we're at McD's!) Should try that with choc A. Delight!

  2. I love Angels delight especially the low fat chocolate one - suh a simple desert x

  3. I used to love the Butterscotch one....that takes me back...

  4. Fab poem. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking pat


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