Blummin' teething!

I'm a day late this week, had so much going on recently and the non-stop crying from Finley is really starting to wear me down. His little cheeks are so red and puffy, constantly gnawing on his hands or moaning "onyonyonyon" whilst chomping his gums together. I've tried pretty much everything now and I'm getting nowhere fast. Dentinox, Bonjela, Ashton & Parsons, gum shield/dummy things, teething rings (warm AND cold). I've pretty much resorted to a drop of calpol when his distress becomes too much to bear.

I just never had this problem with Carson one little bit. It's such a difference, it's a shock. The poor little mite bears a frown all day long.

In other news though, when he does cry he's going "mama mama mumumum mama"... I don't for one second believe he is actually crying for me, but it's cute all the same. 

He's also taken to thumb-sucking!

Look at those red cheeks.

Even though he's just 6 months & 1 week old, he's now fitting into 9-12 month clothes *Chunkle!* 
It's really annoying though because the 6-9m clothes do fit except the tops are too short (his belly is too round!), so I'm finding that outfits can't be worn as bought and I am mix/matching from 6-9m and 9-12m. No big deal! Any sleepsuits/grows fit him from those age ranges so I'll just give up on the outfits I think.

Mama mama mumum!

I am desperate for a bumbo or something similar. He is still too small for the high-chair yet too big for the bouncer. His Nin picked up a second hand Jumperoo for him, awesome condition it is too. Finley does seem to enjoy it a lot. Carson had a Hop 'n' Pop which was also by Fisher Price, but they don't make them any more, which is such a shame as they're pretty much the same as a Jumperoo but without taking up quite as much floor space. These things are HUGE!

How's your week been?



  1. Aw bless the little cutie my son is the same teething and all he does is dribble and cry all day long , I can't get anything done I never had any bother at all with my oldest two. I agree jumperoos are fab but take up way touch room . Hope He feels better soon xx

    1. The difference between one baby to another is just so vast when it comes to teething! Thanks for your comment :-) xx

  2. Just discovered your blog, Aidan and Finley are the same age, we are going through the exact same things here from teething, 9-12 months clothes and that awkward too big, too small stage :) xx

  3. Very similar story here, major teething issues this week and I am KNACKERED. Up in the night with Jasmine a lot at the mo. I really struggle when she's crying in pain and nothing works. :( Let's hope it passes soon!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Aw the poor wee soul i wonder would some arnica gel rubbed on the outside of his cheeks help any, it takes down redness and inflammation and its worth asking if it might help on the SBC page on FB x. Really hope things settle for you both soon, Nicola xx

  5. Awww, he's so cute! I hope the teething is over quickly and he feels better soon!

  6. I'm using a Bumbo for weaning but Baby R doesn't really like it, he just looks lost in a high chair! I now what you mean about the jumperoo. I'm looking for something that doesn't take up half our living room

  7. I can totally relate, Toby's teething and has a terrible cold and cough so knackered doesn't even begin to describe it! Hope Finley settles soon xx

  8. Ooh how I can relate to this! Aria is teething at the moment and it's a nightmare! Poor little thing can't find comfort in anything, not even mummy cuddles! It'll soon pass for us all I'm sure, but they do make the days longer and longer! x

  9. Olivia had a hop and pop too she hated it! Our babies have been having an awful time with their teeth lately too. Have you tried the amber jewellery? xx

  10. Oh bless him. Best thing we've found with Eli is cucumber from the fridge, or little ice lollies made in the Annabel Karmel moulds.



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