The smell of paint...

Honestly, the smell of paint just whooshes me back to my childhood in a flash, and it takes me to Christmas each and every time! My Dad used to gloss the woodwork every single year before the Christmas deccys went up, so the smell was still fresh in our home when they went up. Couple that with the smell of a real Christmas tree and you will have me beaming from ear to ear! 

I really, really, want to start that tradition. I normally decorate in summer months but having not been able to do anything like that this year with having Finley and then my dear Dad passing away, I'm hoping to get something sorted either before Christmas or in the New Year. The likelihood is that it will be New Year now due to the financial pressure the coming season puts upon us, but still, if I can do at least one area of the home in the New Year, I can do the next bit by Christmas 2015 and I will have my tradition!

The only room that's not been touched in the 5 years that I've been in this house, is my bedroom. Funny how you always leave yourself 'til last isn't it! Nothing matches and nothing is new but worst of all I have no storage other than 2 single wardrobes and 1 chest of drawers. I neeeed an ottoman! As soon as I get my first wage from returning to work after maternity leave in January I am doing my bedroom up!!

This is my ultimate bedroom wishlist...

The colour scheme is actually what I wanted for Finley, but we ended up with a jungle theme instead for some reason! It's light, fresh, clean and modern. I think the orange/neutral theme is really brought to life by the blue flashes. The lamps for the bedside table and one single blue cushion for the bed.

The ottoman is exactly what I need to fix my storage issue and, again, is a little steep in terms of price but would be perfect for our needs. The bed is from the Cookes Furniture bedroom range and would be exactly what I'd choose to ease my back and get a good night's kip after going back to work in January. I just need to get the funds together for such a luxurious buy first!That floral wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper is so beautiful. Not too bold, but enough to add a bit of pizazz on a feature wall... and only £4.99 a roll - what a bargain!

Once this room is done though, I'll have to think about the next room ready for Christmas 2015 and that oh-so-christmassy smell of paint! So, tell me... when do you normally decorate? 


  1. Having privately rented since moving out of home my partner and I have so far not had much of an opportunity to decorate fully so we just fill the place up with photographs and non-permanent changes such as throws/stick on decor for our daughters room etc. but I can't wait til we have our own home to do as we wish. Hope you manage to raise the funds to work on your bedroom... Ottomans are a lifesaver!! :) xx


  2. The neutral theme is wonderful and everything goes together so well. But the cost of the ottoman is exorbitant. I'd never pay this money out. Why not search auction houses?

  3. I'm liking the orange & blue.
    Usually decorate Between autumn and Spring. Currently working on the main bedroom, going for a purple & gold colour scheme, have a few blog posts on the subject in if you fancy a read. :o)

  4. We only decorate when we absolutely have to as we both hate the upheaval. However, I've loved watching the Great Interior Design Challenge - if only I had that kind of budget!

  5. We're currently packed up to move in a week or two so we're all about home decor right now. I have to say I kinda love that bed

    Hugs Michelle Elyse x


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