Portion control (featuring WW crisps)

Good afternoon guys, hope it's not still too wet out there for you! (What AM i talking about? It's Britain, it's the norm!)

*T(oo).M.(uch)I.(information) ALERT*

All this fruit and veg is making me wee like no-ones business, honest to goodness, I'm weeing like 6 times at work alone, never mind in the moring and evening!I trust that is a good sign and things are going well.
Nearly been on my healthy living plan for one week, It's weigh in on Wednesday morning. However, I do have a slight confession to make. On my first introductary post, I said I was 16 stone... I was actually 16st 6lbs. The reason I'm embarrassing myself and unleashing this dreaded secret is because I've decided I will take pictures of my scales on weigh in day every week. There is no time like the present to be honest with myself, never mind the entire world and hey ho, it's the route I've chosen to go down! I actually can't wait, I've been so upbeat this week. I do have one question though, how many calories does a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon have? I guzzled an entire bottle on Friday night - AFTER a good 20 minutes on the rowing machine though. (Am I making excuses for my greedy behaviour :-S)

I tried some WW Sour Cream and Chive Crinkle Cut Crisps the other day:

here are my thoughts....

At 78 calories a bag with just 0.4g sat fat, you can't really go wrong with a naughty snack like this. Thick, crunchy, flavoursome crisps; coated in a real creamy cheesey chivey taste. Everything about them screams "real crisps" and certainly not diet food. Having said that, there were roughly 8 crisps accounting for it's 16g portion...

Note healthy apples on my desk :-p
This only backs up my theory that a diet is all about healthy living and portion control. If this packet had been a standard 30g bag, it's on par with most 'non-diet' crisps around at a calorific 146 calories and 0.75g sat fat (including 1.31g sugar!!)

I'm not slating these crisps, on the contrary, there are real food that don't leave me wanting more after I'm done, because the flavour is there and the crunch of a naughty crisp or 2 is there! I love the fact that they are individually portioned at a healthy and acceptable size. Perfect for me, and easily able to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. 

I also appreciate that they are adult crisps, in that they depict the percentage rates of and ADULTS guidelined daily amount, unlike Walkers Quavers for example (standard size bag), who appear to only show their percentage in relation to a childs recommended allowance ....

These aren't mine by the way :-p
So, my tip of the day - which I have happily come the to conclusion with -

Have what you want, just be bloomin' sensible! *Put the grab-bag DOWN!*


  1. Diets can often be about treating yourself in little ways after a good week, so perhaps crisps every now and then are fine :) Good luck with the weight loss!

  2. I know that Rice cakes can be dry and tasteless but I buy the Kallo ones with the chocolate coating and I find snacking on a few of them is fine as they are low in calories and not too sweet.

  3. The picture has given me an idea - I need to put fruit BY MY DESK, then I'm more likely to eat them! I think the WW crisps are a bit of a con if they are basically reducing the portion of crisps you eat. And why do they add sugar to crisps? Crackers!

  4. very useful review - I would agree with the WW portion control being the main factor for their products. There are other ones (like you said put the grab bag down!) which would do the job.

  5. I'm not a portion person. At the moment I'm with SW and portion isn't really a worry with them so much as watching what you eat. Having said that I don't have problems with portions because I can't eat much to begin with.


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