Kleenex Hayfever Kit Review

So, apart from from being fat, greying, eye-bagged woman in my late 20's, I'm also a hayfever sufferer *list gets longer every year!*

I was lucky enough to win a hayfever kit from Kleenex on Twitter to rescue me this season and oh emm geee, it was like Christmas, check out the gift box!

Opening the box through my bleary puffy eyes I was half hoping a genie to ploom out and grant me three wishes, and althought it wasn't quite what Kleenex produce it was just as exciting and will last a lot longer!

From the picture I've taken here, you can see six an enormous amount of tissues, so soft and thick *perfect for us mummy's with runny nosed littluns too as they are uber caring on skin*.

2 Boots cooling masks which are awesome. I've only used one so far but it's like being smashed in the face with an ice cold bucket of soothing water. Really aids in reducing puffyness, calms redness and also quietly soothes that typical itching - would recommend these masks to anyone.

3 herbal/flavoured teas from Twinings which I have recently begun venturing, since starting my healthy lifestyle. Camomile is a soothing tea which allows you to breathe and relax much more. The Calm brew is also camomile but with a hint of Lavender. This made me feel so relaxed I almost fell asleep (true to it's name then, I guess!) The cleanse bag (Spearmint Milk Thistle and Nettle) I was really looking forward to as I thought it would aliven my senses from the bunged up irritated routine they had been in... it tasted like weeds what I can imagine weeds to taste like. Just not my cup of tea (buh dum pshh!).

There came a flexi-bottle to store fluids in on the go (not in picture as hubby was admiring it so much!) It comes with a cool keyring clamp so you can hang it from your bag or jeans etc.

The best part of this box *FOR ME* was the soothing nose and lip balm. Woah, soothing?! It was like silk. I'd begun to get those annoying little cuts around my nose from blowing and sniffing too much - oo-er - and this was just the remedy. Not tacky or gloopy like Vaseline, almost serum like. Highly recommended guys.

The best part *FOR CARSON* being a 'ribbon king'.....

Thanks for picking me to win Kleenex! Guys .... get protecting yourselves this hayfever season :-)

Mwah xxx


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