Weigh in Wednesday Week 2

First off, this week has been soooo good. Haven't faultered (and I never had any red wine this week either!)
My thighs and obliques (errr...love handles) are really feeling the benefit of the rowing machine, and I have to say that I am feeling a lot more comfortable in my clothes already.


I never had my phone to take a picture of the scales this morning, but can report back - honestly - and say that if ever I was disheartened, it is this bloomin' week. I remember starting weightwatchers in 2009 with my best friend (@stephdezza) and her first week she lost 7lb *despite admittedly eating more than me* and I lost a measly 0.5lb. The lady there told me I wasn't eating enough and focusing on the ww meals too much. I thought doing it a sensible and healthy way this time, not following a set plan, would work better for me. Hmmmfff.......

16st 6lbs

16st 2.6lbs


I can't let this stop me though. I have to carry on. I recently almost died of excitement having won a Reebok stepper from @LilinhaAngel courtesy of Gym World so that will be getting added to my home-made gym along side the rower soon. Just need to find more equipment to add to it and I'll be rockin' my rolls in no time!!

I have a super exciting giveaway to come up soon, after having been in touch with a company who is going to send me something to review - and hopefully give me some results in terms of this journey I'm on - they have also offered 3 to my readers... yay guys!!

I will need to take some measurements before the trial starts so I can report on those too in future, hopefully inch-loss can be my saving grace for the weeks the scales hate me.

As far as last weeks mini giveaway goes, most of you said 3lbs - so sorry to you lovely people, but with a guess of 2lbs (closest to my actual loss)... *drum roll* ...


Congrats to you hun!! DM your address and I'll get your choccybag sent to you at the weekend :-)

I'll be posting again tomorrow night guys, so that's how, for now! (oooo which children's TV show had the presenters say that at the end...?)

Jo xxxx


  1. Yay, thank you so much!! I know how it feels though. I did WW about 2 years ago. One of the girls who went with me was losing like 4 lbs a week when I was only losing like 1 lb! It's annoying, but just hang in there. It's the loss of inches that count, not the weight =) Will DM you now =D x

  2. Well done. youre not putting on thats the main thing. Also make sure you drink plenty of water. I started lossing more weight when I drunk more.
    Keep going xx

  3. Well done you have lost again!! and are half way to half a stone!


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