Welcome to MY World!

Just a little about me to christen my blog! I've been meaning to do a blog for years but was always worried what people would think of me - sharing all there is to know about me and my life. But I've come at a stage now where;
  1. I'm finally feeling my age and, frankly, I don't care what others think anymore!
  2. I'm fat (16 stone and a size 18) and I need to "shame" myself into getting my ass a'movin!
  3. I feel I'm making more friends on Twitter than I am in real life, it's a nice feeling. Hope I can replicate it on here.
I've just returned back to work full time after 13 months on a 16 hr week. I decided to go part time last year as childcare costs were overtaking what I was earning. Now, my 3 year old little man is starting school in September (where does time go?!) and my very good friend has offered to look after him on the days he is not in nursery so I can finally start earning some worthwhile pennies.

I am in a catch 22 situation though. At part time hours, I had time to go to a gym but no wonga to pay for it. Now I will be earning cash to afford the gym, I have no time! I hope you can share my ladder climbing journey with me. Hints and tips are always welcome too.

I love to colour my hair (I have to, I have a grey halo!) and sway between deep reds and dark browns depending on my mood, I am a lover of make-up that enhance, not cover, natural features. Never ever in my life braved fake tan - too scared it will go streaky and orange! Painting nails is something I do to relax, that and getting a lurvly bubbly bath. I cannot and will not abide wrinkles!! I use moisturisers, cleansers, toners, wipes - no end of facial products! One thing that does get me down is my eyebags, but I like to experiment with concealer and/or foundation to fix that!

Here is a highly embarassing snapshot I took today, the start of my open and honest approach to how I look. I hope this will get less embarrasing as I blog more and more LOL!! No more deletions when I look a show...

Soap and Glory Arc de Triumph on the Brows, Max Factor Xperience Foundation and Bodyshop Cheek tint.

Thanks for now, and I will surely Blog more soon! Take care peeps... Love Jo xxxx


  1. love your open and honest approach to your blog,cant wait for future posts xx

  2. Love your post. You are so true to yourself and very honest about it. You are a beautiful woman.

    New follower here. Would appreciate the love if you followed back too hun! Your blog is amazing.


    1. Thanks so much for your comments, they are so appreciated! I've checked out you blog and I'm following via Google. Take care xx


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