*REVIEW* Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Further to my previous post regarding my awful eye-liner experiences (you can read all about that here!!

One of the responses to my PR Request was from Avon. They recommended I try the SuperShock Gel Eyeliner, which promises staying power all day and comes in a variety of colours:

Aqua pop (blue), Flash (pinky/nude), Silver, Khaki Shimmer, Steel and Black.They also don't break the bank - something that is a MUST in my mission. Currently, they are half price - just £3!

Recommendation gratefully received I opted to try the black - given that my main problem is getting through a working day without looking that I've cried whilst rubbing chimney soot around my eyes!

Avon kindly sent me one to try for the purposes of review - thanks guys!

Firstly, I note that the nib of the pencil is quite thick and blunt. Oh dear I thought, application will be a tough job. Having said that, it really did glide on in one swoop - accurately too. No dragging of the lid and you don't have to apply bit by bit either.With it being gel, I would describe this eyeliner as more similar to liquid than pencil, but the pencil form make for a precise application.

I applied at 6.30am and took picture at work throughout the day, without touching it up nor contant dabbing of my outer eye to check for seepage. I was really very surprised.

The only niggle I had by 4.30pm was that it appeared to start fading - but that WAS after 10 hours of wear. And I must point out that my work colleague disagreed - but you know when you know on your own face.

This liner, my friends, actually didn't smudge (hurrah!!) It really stood the test of time and the heat of my very busy day at the office. 

So far so good... my mission is proving to be easier that I thought up to now. First one tried and I love it!! Plus, for £3 you are never going to bust your budget! Even at full price, £6, I would purchase this liner in the future. On payday, I'm going to be ordering the blue one for a blast of colour and the silver one. I intend to use the silver on the lower water-line in order to 'open' my eyes. I'll let you know how I get on with that one too!

You can get yours from Avon and here is the direct link. Happy shopping!

In the meantime, please do let me know your experiences and any other recommendations, I intend to continue blogging about any good and bad find over the coming weeks!!


Jo xxxx


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