*REVIEW: My Cewe Photobook*

With so much online sharing and storage,  it's easy to forget to have a hard copy version of precious moments caught on camera. Heck, that's what happened with my wedding day! I only had 2 or 3 specific photo's printed from my disc and the rest are online instead. What happened to a good old fashioned photo album that you can flick through and reminisce? Or better still, a hardback photobook that you can place on your bookshelf (if you're still have books these days that is!) or to gift to friends and family?

I was offered the chance to create my very own from the lovely PR peeps behind CEWE PHOTOBOOK and I jumped at the chance!

Every which way you go about creating your book online at www.cewe-photobook.co.uk is your choice. Size, amount of pages, layout, paper type, hard/paper back... the list is endless. But, in my opinion, this is great - you get what you want, not a pre laid-out version which may compromise your initial idea. I chose a hardback large landscape (28x21cm) with 26 pages and it costs £27.99 plus delivery.

First though, you have to download the software to do so. It took approx 8 minutes to download on my pc, although I do use a dongle not wi-fi so you can forgive the delay. Once downloaded, it takes a while to get to grips with how to use it. This is not surprising given that you can do anything! But after an hour or so, it was becoming easier. I really took my time, planning the 'storyline' of the book too.

Once ordered, it takes a couple of days to be made and then once I received my email to say it was dispatched, I received it two days later. 

WOW! The quality is absolutely fantastic. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing the final product was. I have no doubt in my mind that a friend or a family member would be thrilled with such a gift for any occasion - I have already started to think about an idea for my sisters wedding upcoming this December - but what about anniversaries, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day... the purposes for creating and buying one of these books are endless. 

*** You can also generate a link to direct people to your photobook online which I've done so here so you can view what I created, go ahead - check out my wedding day if you fancy!! ***

Photoworld stores your ordered books in your account for 60 days allowing you to re-order easily should you require an extra copy or two, which is handy.

Their service is quick, once the software is downloaded - which is a one-time task, it saves to your pc for future usage, high quality and really reasonably priced. I have already mentioned above, I have no doubt I'll be using this service in the future.

Have you ever ordered any photobooks before? what were your experiences?

Jo xxxx

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!


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