The quest for a smudgeless eye-liner begins ...

I've had enough of the "melting" look. It's as simple as that! I get ready for work at around 6am and by 10/11am, I already have the eye-liner bleeding into my 'laughter lines' and I look bloody awful. I've tried several variations of application - pencil, pencil with shadow to seal, liquid, liquid with shadow to seal, shadow alone - they just don't work in an 'all-day' scenario. Ha! I even remember as a 16-17yr old using a kohl pencil, melting the tip down with a lighter to make it hot and applying it with the idea that when it dries, it will set! **Do not attempt this yourselves - I was young and stupid!!!**

I am, however, also guilty of being frugal and buying very cheap eye-liners. And I'm talking from £1 to £5 maximum.

You get what you pay for... or do you?

I decided to start a mission. A mission to find an eye-liner that does what it claims without costing the earth. Lets be honest, what mother isn't on a budget these days? So I'm dedicated to the cause here!

I contacted a couple of companies for recommendations as to what products would fit the bill, and I was very surprised to find that I didn't receive many responses.

Strange, I thought.

Surely, if the liners they promote and advertise are so great, they should be in a position to suggest a particular type for me to blog about in an attempt to prevent my fellow female friends experiencing the same frustrating facade? I was coming to the conclusion that nothing can do what it says on the tin!

Can you guys please recommend a particular eye-liner, an application method or a handy hint/tip to stop this happening and I will compile a final list of what really works in the coming weeks?

In the meantime, one response I received was from Avon. You can read the review here.

Cheers darlings :-)

Jo xxxx

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  1. Get barry m waterproof eyeliner hun, it works really well, i have to use a baby wipe to get it off, just dont put it behind your lashes on your bottom lid cos it a bugger to get out of your eye xx


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