*Review* Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit

As a BzzAgent, I'm regularly invited to participate in campaigns whereby they send a sample or coupons to me free of charge and I complete surveys/questionnaires with regards to the product I've tested.

An email pings and it's yet another invite - this time, it's for the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit.

As a total waxing virgin this product both intrigued and frightened me at the same time!!

Biting the bullet I accepted the campaign and thought "What the hey! Let's do it!" and commenced Mission No-Shaving until my parcel arrived.

The Veet EasyWax Kit aspires to provide a salon finish in the comfort of your own home. Complete with roller ball device and lid with base to stand it in, AC adapter (yesss! no batteries!), woven strips, Perfect Finish wipes and a Legs & Arms cartridge included. I was also sent a separate refill for under-arm and bikini waxing (eek!!)

The instructions couldn't be simpler (is that a word?). Insert Cartridge into device, plug in for 20 minutes, roll on, place strip over the top, hold skin taut and rip for dear might against the growth direction and MAKE SURE YOU RIP AS CLOSE TO THE SKIN AS POSSIBLE- not out and away from the skin! Oweeee!

"Why do you have one hairy leg and one not?" said my 4 year old son
Gee... thanks Son! 
Truth of the matter is, I have purposely waxed only one leg in order to test how smooth it stays for compared to shaving. (Nothing to do with the pain involved - honestly!) And obviously, the test proved that waxing stays smoother for longer compared to shaving!

Leg waxing, in all seriousness, was pretty painless, clean and gave good results. The pink wax glides on your skin, no dragging, and the wipe to finish off with gives a nice sheen to those freshly smoothed pins.

The other refill though - for armpit and bikini line waxing. NEVER AGAIN. The was was white, not pink and it really dragged and scraped along the skin, despite leaving the device for an extra ten minutes to heat. I decided to try my left armpit first as I'm right handed. Let me tell you... it hurt. And it wasn't even because it took hairs. It ripped SKIN. The wax was removed and visible on the strip, and upon looking at my pit in the mirror, you see a graze-like mark on the skin - with hairs in tact.

Sorry, but I'm not testing the bikini line. Absolutely no way!

I'm tempted to use the pink refill with the wider roll applicator in case it was a wax problem, but I'm going to have to wait until I've healed. Plus, it doesn't advise you do this so please don't take this as advice. 

My final thoughts - awesome leg results - I would definitely purchase another refill or twelve here! But steer clear of the armpit/bikini line refill. 

For all my lovely readers, you can get a whopping 50% off when you but this product from Amazon.co.uk for a limited time, so I would make the most of this whilst you can. Christmas will be upon us before we know it so why not get those prezzies in now? Simply use the following code EASYWAX4

Have you used this roll-on kit yourselves? What did you think? 


  1. I personally hated this I have heard others weren't keen on it either but its good to see a review where it has worked for someone :)

    1. Thanks for your comment :-).yeah the leg results were cool, but definitely not the armpits!! X

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