Weigh in: week 9!

We had a fab time in Blackpool (bar getting home... that's for another post!) and whilst I've not had this much exercise and movement in probably a whole year... I also ate shamefully :-(

That's not through being greedy though... it was, quite simply, a lack of healthy foods available, at a reasonable cost. Whoever said it wasn't cheaper to eat junk was lying to us all... or had just never been to Blackpool! £2 for a cone of chips, or £5 for a salad... I know what I preferred & I loved it at the time.

That was until 4 days in when I suddenly felt like a bloated house of crap. I'm just starting to "feel normal" again and all that's left is that wave of 'eating shit shame'. I'm not doing it again, it made my body feel horrendous and God knows what the scale says.

Here goes...

Week 9 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 6.4lbs
Weekly Loss: +2.2lbs << my first gain :-(
Total Loss: 13.4lbs

I'm not going to lie, I feel awful seeing that almost all of the previous week's loss is now back on again... but I just have to tell myself that it was a holiday, I couldn't cook my own own food, I hadn't got control over what was available to me within budget (or walking distance), I also enjoyed myself.

I've no idea how I'm going to fare this coming week as I don't have a 'plan' to follow, like I had the LighterlifeFAST and the Diet Chef. I'm alone. Ahhh. This sounds scary!!

I'm thinking, perhaps, slimming world? I've done it in the past... it could work again. It's just the whole ExtraEasy thing that confuses me. I used to do the red or green days?
If you have blogged any recipes that I may like, please feel free to leave a link below to your blog/post. I will collate a few of my attempts of them in a post in a couple of weeks and credit back to you too, if you want!

How have you done this week, anyway? Hope you've done better than me...


  1. I find it hard to lose weight esph when I don't have a plan to stick to like dietchef. Hubs thinks I lack will power hes probably right :/ slimming world is good though, Good luck this week :)

  2. Well done that is a great effort. You are really strong to keep going after the little blip. A little indulgence and food happiness is fine as a treat :)
    Sisley x

  3. I find it very hard to diet... Especially having two kids. You just grab what you can when you can. The day I gave up trying to diet and had kids though was the start of my weight loss. Most women complain that they put on weight through pregnancy ... I did but lost it all again afterwards. I then started Avon so lost more through doing door to door canvassing. The worst for me was working in an office, that's where I piled the weight on. You'll lose the weight again... Everyone deserves to treat themselves, especially while on holiday!xx

  4. I am terrible at losing weight-especially when I'm successful! I'm really good to start, so I lose 10 pounds right away. Then I slack. I think, "I've been doing so well, I can have this cookie." That is where I'm at at this moment. I did really well, had a vacation last week, so now I'm stuck in that "vacation mentality" and I'm still eating whatever I want. This post will help me kick it back in gear. thanks!!

  5. Extra Easy is FAB Jo, honestly if you start it you will see how much easier it is than red or green days. Your Meat & Your veg that were both free on red and green and synned on the opposite days are both free on EE. I have a spare book should you need it if you want to just do it from home. Just let me know if you do xx

    Becci Cleary


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