Carson turns 6 next weekend!

My biggest little dude turns 6 on Sunday.

He wakes up each and every morning with a giant smile, hugging me to within an inch of my life "12 DAYS 'TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!"

Ahh.. I remember when I used to get excited for birthday's. That said, my next one is 30 and it ain't too far away (less than 6 months - shhh!!), I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether this is one to be excited for or not yet.. but that's for another post LOL :-)

Carson really wanted a bike this year for his birthday, but no matter how much I tried to win one - I couldn't. It's such a sh*tter that maternity leave is so crap and I couldn't buy him one either. Actually though, I think I've done good this year to be fair.

Everything is usually Spongebob this, Spongebob that, with him, but he seems to have found a new interest - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (or, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles as I remember them - and keep getting shouted at for calling them!)

So, a quick search for "TMNT" and a nice £50 Amazon voucher win from +Fixflo (hurrah!) meant I've managed to treat him to some really fab stuff. Not quite up there with a bike, but close I reckon!

I don't want to spill what I've got yet because he's incredibly nosey... he just told me he's going to Google "Carsonsmummy blog Carson" just to see what I'm writing about his birthday. There's no place to hide (hence the star in my earlier profanity!). I can give you all a good low-down on the birthday haul next week once he's opened everything. You may find some bits you want to buy for Christmas because there really were some good bargains to be had!

I'm also going to be attempting to make a Donatello cake. This is not something I've ever done before so I'm nervous to say the least... but I'm going to try my absolute best for him. Carson's been really great since Finley came along and he deserves a nice little treat

I'll leave you with a picture of Carson "modelling". He's 6 going on 16, I'm telling you....

The next time I mention Carson's birthday on this here blog... you'll see my baking results LOL!!

... Wish me luck guys :-)


  1. Ooohh turtles is it now! Prezzie idea ;) I love how excited they get olivia was exactly the same too! Can't wait to see the cake tho bet he will love it! X

  2. aaaw look at him, such a cutie. It's insane to think kids can google you now. I didn't even have a computer well into my teens x

  3. Time flies when you're having fun. Enjoy your youth. At 30, you will be reaching the prime of your life. My next birthday, I'll be 73. I must have enjoyed my years because they've flown by. And yes, I can remember being excited about a coming birthday at the age of 6.

  4. Aww how cute! Good luck baking the cake (I couldn't do it that's for sure!). Oh and be excited for 30, I adored being 30 and it's definitely been an excellent 7 years so far :)

  5. Good Luck with baking. I just bake last weekeknf Mocca cake to my 5 yr old boy. Everybody loved it. Was so so suprised as it was coffee cake. lol

    I cant stop laughing to that Model picture. He is so cute! xx

  6. Aww happy birthday Carson. Won't be long and it will be his next birthday. The years are flying by


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