Moving from a Moses Basket to a Cot

For the past week Finley has slept in his cot, is his own room. I know they're supposed to sleep in your room for the first 6 months but his cot won't fit in our room, so we keep his and our door open at night and we can see his cot from our door. This is as close to sleeping IN our room as you can get!

Ohhhh. It's like the end of an era, setting the moses basket aside - never to be used again. It just doesn't last long enough does it?

I'm going to have to get used to calling it Finley's Room now instead of what has been the Spare Room for 5 years!

He sleeps through the night soundly now, getting around 10 hours before waking for his morning cuggles and a bottle. I think his niggles prior to the transition to his cot were that he felt confined in his moses basket. 

I'd popped him down and had a real shock when I stepped back to see he filled the entire thing! It was this night that I decided no, he had to make that move. He couldn't even raise his arms!

I mean seriously, LOOK at how big he suddenly became, almost overnight...

Gosh, bless him. 

He loves the cot, or rather... he loves the room! He does that excitable star fish thing whilst squealing and tries to flap his hands about at the cot mobile, "ahgooo"ing to himself. Perhaps a tad overstimulating for a baby maybe.

What have your little ones been up to this week? Any transitions or big steps for you guys?


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  1. We've always moved ours into a cot in their own room sooner than you 'should' - we all sleep much better that way! The Moses baskets really don't last long do they?

  2. Aww I remember when Osian moved to a cot. I got so emotional at the realisation that he'd grown so much! Xx

  3. Babies grow so fast. The size comparison you show is amazing. You're so lucky he's a good sleeper.

  4. Oh bless, I think I cried when my children made the transition from moses basket to cot bed. Definitely a big milestone.

  5. Aww Jo he's gone so big since I last seen him! Can't believe he is in his own room already! Glad he likes it and you are finally getting some sleep. I wish olivia would go 10 hours.......

  6. Oh my, how he's grown! We're thinking of moving Jasmine into her own room soon too (she fusses in her sleep which wakes me up and she's quickly out-growing the Bednest we hired!)

    Thanks for hosting #babybabble xx

  7. Aw how lovely that he settles so well in there tho, could've been a very different story ;) He's getting all big and independent already!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  8. I remember wedging my first into the Moses basket! This time around we have a bedside cot which is much bigger so will stay in there for a little while longer. Finley looks super happy

  9. aww its a massive step own room haha i remember with my first i used to check on him every five seconds xlol

  10. Glad that the transition has gone well! I love reading the updates :) such a precious memory!

  11. Sooo cute! Such lovely shots of your sleepy boy! They do grow so fast at that age! Monkey piled on the pounds in his first month (went from 50th percentile to 98th) so he grew out of his Moses basket really fast! At the time we had the cot in our room for a.bit but he was in his room by about 4 mths I think. We don't have room for the cot in our room anymore so hopefully this baba will stay in the Moses basket a bit longer than Monkey did!!

  12. Harry was the same and filled out his moses basket, it is sad. he looks great in his cot though and obviously enjoys it x

  13. they grow up much too fast, I had my youngest in a crib which lasted until 6 months its scary when they go into there own room

  14. Aw what a lovely little milestone!



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