Hair and Hair Loss: Making The Most Of What We Have

I recently wrote a post called My Top 5 Beauty Finds For At Home Pampering, if you haven't already read it - head over before reading on.  My absolute favourite from that list still has to be the Babyliss Big-Hair. You see, my hair is what hairdressers call annoying! It's fine hair and there's loads of it, which makes it really difficult to hold a style. Aside from styling it though, it sheds a LOT. I'm forever being moaned at by the husband (like it's my fault?!) because nobody can't move without picking my stray locks off of their clothes. Oops!

Seriously though, I do wonder where it all comes from because trying to get a thick looking barnet is almost an impossibility. Just washing my hair is a momentary cause for concern but once I've dried it and realise there's still most of it left, I often think of those who genuinely do suffer hair loss. I mean, if I panic when what seems like fists full shed, what on earth goes through their mind? Do I really have a right to whine about how I can hardly ever wear my hair down or that doing something other than a top know makes me look VERY thin on top?

Trying to do something different to the usual top-knot!

From Wayne Rooney with his bold move in having a hair transplant at a relatively young age to Gail Porter with her well-suited embracing of alopecia instead, every little bit of publicity it gets is bound to help at least one person out there.  A quick search online brings you to the likes of the Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy, where you can find prescription-only privately available medication to stop or slow hair loss. Another thing I didn't realise was even a thing is hair thickening spray, something that was recently alleged that Rooney has been using to further help his hair troubles. Oh, and what about that beauty who wowed us all when she took off her wig on Channel 4's First Dates a few weeks back?!

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Losing hair is a huge thing that affects both male and female sufferers. Until it starts to go, I guess we all take it for granted. So I'm going to continue using my Big Hair and be thankful that I still have something to work with instead of moaning... I can't say my husband will stop his whinging though next time he finds my strands in his cornflakes or whatever other exaggerations he comes out with haha!

Is hair loss anything that concerns you at the moment?


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