Weigh in Wednesday week 8


I have been aiming for 2.5lbs all week to crack my 1 stone loss in 8 weeks, but gosh-darnit, the more you want something....


16st 6lbs


15st 7lbs


Total Loss to date:
Lets not beat myself up over it though hey? I'm doing really super well and excersised just once this past week due to a mass of work to get through which has popped up out of nowhere! That's the whole point of this blog though isn't it... to prove that despite how busy you are, you can still try to be at your best health - even via very small means (like no pudding on a Monday: booo!)
Last week I was away with work on Thursday and Friday, which consisted of a hotel stay and bar foods... but I still lost over one and a half pound, well - go me!
This week I'm buzzing guys, I feel happy with everything and everyone and life is just dandy. Even only seeing Hubby once since Sunday and then I will see him on Friday - it's OK. 
Work is becoming more exciting as I'm finally being unleashed allowed to go on the road. I've been working in document management for, oof, 6 years almost now - but office based. Now I'm getting a flavour for meeting people and getting my business swag on! All the more reason to be losing this weight, I mean who wants to sit down with an out of breath sweat ball? I don't.... and I AM one!
Hey ho... back to work I go and I will be reviewing some lovely Batiste products this weekend for you all to read.
Wish me luck with this week... one more pound and I've lost a stone already and without you guys.. I don't think I'd have stuck to it (I'm a total div with no will power whatsoever!) Hmm... perhaps you can help me find a way to quit smoking too. OMG, one step at a time!
Roll on 2013 and I SHALL be a picture of health :-) Take care lovelies xxxx


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