Carson's 4th Birthday is Tomorrow!!

I am getting super duper excited for my little mans birthday tomorrow. I think I'm a tad more excited than he is!!

We decided not to go with a party for him this year, I felt the cost wasn't justified if I'm honest. For example, there is a great indoor soft play house local to us and it's usually a real value for money jobby. £3.20 for 2 hours and juice is 20p a beaker. Coffee for the adults is only about a quid so it's a really good 'break' especially if there's bad weather. *I already apologised for my rain-jinx okay?!*

We've been to other childrens' parties there before and Carson has loved it, but when I enquired I discovered it was £11.95 per head and a minimum of 10 children!! The only thing extra they get is a choice of sausage/fish finger/nuggets with chips and beans/peas but eating that also eats in to the 2hour play time they have. Sorry, but what a rip! Then you've got the party bags on top etc.

I have to work in the morning but Hubby and Carson are coming to meet me near my office in Liverpool City Centre and we're going to go to Pizza Hut for lunch - which, strangely enough, I've never visited - odd!! Then we're going to go home and have a tea party in the afternoon with family and friends. Frankly, he sounds more excited by Pizza Hut and Tea Party than a proper kids party, ooo he's his mummys son alright!

I'll be posting lots of pictures of our day, and I'm sure we'll have lots of his toys to review together :-D - I am sooo a big kid at heart!

What did you guys do for your kids' parties and what ages would you say are important? I'd love to hear your stories - if not to reassure our decision this year, then for inspiration every year to come!

Thanks matey's :-) xxx

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  1. i hope carson had a lovely birthday xx
    ive stopped doing olivia big parties for now this year we had her friends round to play and i done then hotdogs and chips and a party bag and they loved it. however as you know past birthdays have included a fab trip to disneyland paris!!!! xx


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