Weigh in Wednesday Week 11

Wowsers am I starting to feel the difference in my clothing! The main problem I'm having with this weight loss mish is trying to look acceptable whilst doing it. Someone told me I looked stupid in a blazer the other day as it hung from the shoulders and looked 'out of shape' ... it's one month old and defo not out of shape. It just did nowt for my current shape!

Funny story actually, I daren't name names but this will make you howl... and if it doesn't, you are truly a hard person to please! I know this person will be reading this post so HA HA HA if she is!....

She started slimming world back up again and one of her friends offered to go with her. Problem being her friend is a waif very slim with a max of about 6lbs to lose, not a huge amount at all. She was droning on about her practically non-existent belly hanging over her trousers and just generally having a moment. Which, don't get me wrong, we are all well within our rights to do - but you wouldn't sit next to pinocchio moaning about your tiny nose would you?

Anywhooo, my friend vented her slight annoyance over the phone to me, piping up "hanging over her belly? I'll be happy the day I see my woo again, never mind moaning about her fat free mini muffin top! Imagine how she'd cope with a flange hang?!"

Yup.. you heard it here... You aren't a real 'fatty' without the Flange Hang! OMG. Seriously?! It was so funny to hear someone else say something so minging yet so perfectly fitting for the topic of conversation. I laughed so much it hurt my crease! (For those who don't know, it's the fold in one's stomach <were the muscles really do live, honestly> and they're paining to get out during belly laughter!)

... it summed up everything on that day for me! Let's be grateful for what we have eh?!

Had an awesome week this week anyway. Thinking I might need to invest in a smaller pair of Zaggora's soon, too - They're slipping on so easily compared to when I first got them! Can't wait 'til the blazer launches either, I'm getting the feeling I look like Johnny Bravo's sibling right now.

16st 6lbs

WEEK 11:
15st 1lbs


Total Loss to date:

As far as fashion for fatties goes, What is the best way utilise your wardrobe other than belts? I have a short torso so I can't really cinch everything in at the waist because it draws attention to my hips/bum/thighs and of course boobs too. I'm so not a sewing person, well I am in a creative manner, just not in a practical manner! I can't just chuck everything away either - not an option.

There's always trusty eBay!

Any funky hints and tips - feel free to share 'em....

Mwah xxxx


  1. Massive loss this week hunni well done:) Wish I had your determination, I was all set to go to my local gym today and book an induction unfortunately Macdonalds is on the way and some how i ended up in there munching my way through a cheese burger, shame on me


  2. Thanks for your comments Gemma! McDonalds sounds so much nicer than the gym lol :-) no shame in that, we are human! xx


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