Weigh in Wednesday: Week 10

Sooo... it's been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged and it's thanks to 4 birthdays and a wedding anniversary in the space of 10 days. Sheesh, I have been busy!! That's the only thing about August... all the 'events'!
Nan & Grandad's wedding anniversary on 7th, Sons 4th birthday on 10th, Dad's birthday on 12th, Best buddies birthday on 16th and Hubby's on 20th! Give me strength... but not cake. Please! No more cake :-(

So yes, I've inevitable had a stumble this week and put ON 3lbs :-(
I never took a picture this morning but at least I've not lied. What's the point in lying? I fell off the wagon and so what? It's not every month that you have such a ridiculous amount of occasions is it?

I recently had a chat with a lovely lady from Essentials Magazine regarding why people 'food fib'... well, in my honest opinion - it's because I'm ashamed that I'm so fat so why would I disclose that I ate a muffin with the team at work? God forbid what people would think! "Oh we might have known that SHE'D have had a muffin, bloody look at her!"... Those are the kinds of scenarios and scenes that actually run through my mind. I know, stupid. Total lunacy that I actually believe people would take precious time of their day to talk about me!!

The initial idea behind my blog was to shame myself into losing weight and actually, coming up to my 3rd month, I'm starting to feel PROUD that I'm losing weight whilst living a realistic, normal lifestyle. Yes I'm not shedding 5lbs a week and totally upbeat about it every day. I don't wake up every morning thinking 'Bring It On!' because I'm normal! Despite what most celebs can do - real, normal, working, mothering, women just can't. I actually look up to celebs like Natalie Cassidy and Claire Richards as they gave in to the pressure of absolutely having to lose weight and trying to keep it off has been/was a nightmare. Who want's to live a life like that through choice? Erm.... not me, ta very much.

But surprisingly I'm happy and confident. Yep! Despite airing my dirty laundry online for the world to see it - if they were really arsed to take a peek that is - I am more confident than ever.

That, my friends, is an achievement in itself.

... #WeighInWednesday - Without the picture...!!

16st 6lbs

WEEK 10:
15st 6lbs

Total Loss to date:

Next task for me is to improve my hair. My hair straighteners have died a sad dead and  the greys need covering every 3 weeks minimum now. IT'S COSTING A FORTUNE!! I'm surely old before my time. This should not be the tale of a 27 year old!

Are there ways of becoming beautiful that doesn't cost money? Is anything in life free? 

Ok... so maybe the celeb lifestyle is kinda appealing..... sometimes!


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