Weigh in Wednesday Week 9

Howdy Howdy Howdy!!

This week felt like a goodun, I begged it to be a goodun and when I weighed myself this morning... youbetcha... it was a goodun!! Hells yes!

I was only texting my friend Tracey last night to say I was feeling positive about today, and that's generally not my rule thumb - I believe in putting the hoolies upon yourself. LOL! Seriously! Remember when we had that gorgeous 2 weeks of wall to wall sunshine in early June? Yes. Well you can all blame me for the rain because the last day of the 'heatwave', I said... out loud... "wow, it hasn't rained in ages!". As if that wasn't bad enough... I even went as far as to facebook status that my friends were all divs for moaning along the lines of "well, there goes our summer!"... yup. My reaction? "oh give over... it's ONE day of rain!"

I will concede that I think I have been a bit silly this week for not thinking of myself as much as I should do, really. Work has been so exciting this week and there is big news about to come out of it. It has meant early starts, late finishes and working through lunches. By the time I'm getting home I am so unbelievably past being hungry that I'm managing cereal or something for tea.

This is not intentional.

I want this weight to come off slowly in order to keep it off. This week I am making a pact to eat more square meals and THINK about ME!


16st 6lbs


15st 3lbs

Finally repainted my toesnails!!

Total Loss to date:
I've been wearing a lot more heels that I usually do. I'm a stumpy pump wearing kinda worker usually, but with all that's going on at work I don't like meeting with big companies in my flats as I'm only 5 foot 4.5" (the half sooo counts! I lost an entire inch after giving birth- somehow. Oh how I miss that inch!) I'm even wearing them on the weekend now too - check me out!
The benefits of heel wearing:
1. Feel more grown up (or taller? whichever way you look at it!)
2. My legs gets a great work out!
3. My thighs don't 'swoosh' together as much (thank god summer really IS over - no chafing!)
4. I can get my swag on and wiggle my gradually reducing toosh ;-)
Here's to an overall good week in the life of Carsonsmummy and I leave you with the most adorable couple of pictures from Carson's nursery shoot...

Why this rotates... I don't know!

Thanks for reading, once more! I promised a Batiste review last week... but I was pretty naive to think I could test 3 types in one week... Mega build up if I did! It will be with us all shortly - I promise.
Oh.... and next Weds/Thurs I am on a business trip so #weighinwednesday may have to become #tadaaatuesday - let's hope!
Buh Byeeee xxx

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