2014 and Targets

I'm on my lunch at work, guzzling a Costa Orange and Chocolate Mocha Latte like a new born baby on a teat, and I'm thinking about how I'm going to afford nursery furniture and baby essentials.

I'm going to pop 2 pounds a (working) day in a jar and even if I feel I can't afford that one day (we all have those days I'm sure) I will go without something such as not buying a loaf of bread and utilising the pasta twirls in the back of the cupboard instead. 

By the time baby is due, I should have circa £200 which will be plenty to buy something like a cot! Wow! All for two 'little' pounds a day!

I'm going to have a harder think about targets for 2014 and will finalise them in a post later this week I think. In the meantime, do you have any targets or forward thinking ideas to share? Would love to hear about them, or even join a linky!

Now... my Costa's getting cold and my dinner break nearly over!
Buh-bye for now! xxx


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