It's a boy!

Bump at 20 weeks
As you all know, I'm 20 (+2) weeks pregnant and had my anomoly scan on Thursday. Carson came with me and has been trying his best to bully me into finding out what we were having - he was desperate for a sister!

I know you're not supposed to take children to a scan with you but with Carson being monitored and tested within the autistic spectrum, given his "Aspergers tendencies", I really needed him to be involved. There are those who say I should pay for a private scan for these kind of bonding sessions but I don't have private scan kinda cash at the moment (who does at Christmas?!)

Whilst the sonographer was checking out flump, he whispered "ooooh I think it will be a boy or a girl!".... "Let's hope so" said the sonographer! (Yeah, what else could it be, son?!)

Anyway, this constant wriggle is to be of the blue variety. A brother for Carson. A BOY.

If I said he was happy I'd be lying. He was initially gutted, he really wanted a sister to look after, but as soon as I said they could share a room together for a few years when he's older - he was all smiles!

As a mum - I'm high-risk, although nothing was really explained to me as to why so I'm just waiting for a few extra appointments to come through the post. When I know more, I'll share - I know all to well that blogs and forums like this are a god send when you're searching for the newest bizarre happening to your body at this time in life!! ... I've some TMI posts to type out soon haha... god help you all!!

In the meantime, here is the only picture we could get of flump, thanks to his rave-in-utero, you can see his left hand raised up over his left eye-  palm facing us and all 5 digits bent over perfectly...

The miracle of pregnancy!!

Love Jo xxx


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