My Latest Bargain Buys - Vertbaudet

Finley eats anything. I'm not even joking. 

I'm talking wood, stones, plastic... poo. All part of the sensory processing issue he has that comes hand in hand with the ASD unfortunately. Whilst we await the date of his first Occupational Therapy appointment, there are ways we have to try and prevent him for hurting himself by eating these things. 

Trying to get to grips with a spoon

I can't buy 4 more eyeballs and 2 spare arms, even though it is 2016, but what I can do is find ways to ensure he is unable to get at these inedible goodies, for example by looking at things like playsuits and all-in-ones to stop the poop eating.

That brings me to the reason for this post actually... Yes, I hear your sigh of relief that there's no further poo details to come! 

It's so hard to find these all-in-ones or baby grows in age 2-3, I'm finding that they seem to stop short at 18-24m. My lovely friend at work told me she'd found some online at Verbaudet and that there was a sale on so to be quick. She was so right! T-shirts from £1.80 were tempting but I had to remain focused on Finley's needs, and my poor little bank balance.

I chose 2 collared, short, playsuits and a cotton onesie with feet for bed time. For all 3 items it totalled just £12.60 (though delivery was £3.99 on top of this and it took a whole week to arrive, which is a little disappointing but doesn't take away from the absolute steals to be had). 

Bargain buys!

Total bargain that I just had to share with you, not least because I got a referral link after placing my order. Selfish of me you might think? Nope...

If you place an order using this link to Vertbaudet here you'll receive a £10 off voucher as well as me. You win, I win, the kids win - yay! 

They also do nursery bedroom furniture and accessories, child's bedding, maternity wear etc. It's definitely worth a look, particularly with this sale on right now too. Happy shopping!

Have you shopped at Vertbaudet before?

UPDATE... Since writing this post 3 days ago, someone has signed up using my link and, true to their word, we both got a £10 voucher - with a £10 minimum spend. I managed to bag all of this, this morning, for just 50p!!!

Get signing up for your voucher now!!!


  1. ohh these baby grows are gorgeous I have a few friends with little ones so these are perfect for at least two birthdays I have coming up. k x

  2. Those wee outfits are gorgeous. Your little guy will look so cute :)

  3. Those are very cute. I especially like the red one!

    Nicola //

  4. Such cute outfits. I haven't shopped there before but will definitely be checking them out now. I hope you get lots of referrals as well ;-)

    Laura x x x

  5. I need some nursery furniture so will check the brand out.

  6. cute! he has a healthy appetite!
    I used to love shopping for clothes for my daughter, but these are cute!

  7. Oh I love the outfits, I used to adore Pickle in ones like this! (Oh and I wish I could buy some extra eyes and arms too!) Kaz x

  8. I used to love my munchkin in these kinds of outfits, he is 5 now and it seems like it was forever ago!

  9. I do love Vertbaudet and they have some great value pieces as well as fantastic sales. He looks so cute in the shirt

    Laura x

  10. I have never come across Vertbaudet before, but those little stripey babygrows are so cute x

  11. Such cute outfits and at least you found things which suited his needs x

  12. Thanks so much. 5 items for £2.20. Great for extra xmas pressies

  13. Really sorry to hear about his eating problem. I hope you find help for this very soon.
    I can't believe how cheap those clothes were!!

  14. How cute are these! So cheap as well.

  15. Sarah-Louise Thompson22 August 2016 at 13:08

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for posting this offer I got 6 t shirts, 2 dresses and a sleeping bag for roughly £3! And such good quality :)

  16. Got my 50p order very happy thank you!!


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