Finley's first #OOTD in this week's #babybabble

Never done an outfit post on any of the kids before, but I felt compelled to do so this week as my fave outfit of Finley's has just about had it's day - gutted!

He's only worn it 4 times and when I popped it on him the other day I noticed it was getting tight. Oh my gosh time is flying soooo fast. Is it really time for him to be going into 3-6 months clothes already?

I've said it before, I'll say it again... SLOW DOWN TIME!!! *panics slightly*

Here is pic of Finley wearing my his fave outfit on 11th June and again on 14th July.

It's a vest and dungarees set from Next Baby and cost £18. The little stitched monkeys on trains are adorable and the colour really bring out his eyes, what do you think...

And then, there's these gorgeous baby vans! 

Dapper little dude! These were a gift so I don't know where they were from or how much they cost but I've found similar ones from costing £19.99. Definitely not something I would spend myself - he's worn them twice and they're just about fitting him now, I bet they won't fit next week! 

I was never very 'gooey' over baby clothes for Carson, but I seem to embracing the tiny clobber choices these days. I even do a squeal every now and then when I see something uber-delicious for Finley-Doodles.

I'll have to do an #OOTD for Carson soon now... *stares at the ironing pile!*

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  1. Aww he looks adorable :) it's horrible when they start growing out of the tiny sized clothes :(

    Thanks for hosing :) xx

  2. Oh my, I lovvvvvveee dungarees! Why is it they always seem to grow out of mummy's favourite outfits the quickest?! I suppose at least it's an excuse to buy more! Thanks for hosting #babybabble ;) xx

    PS. My raisin bars arrived (super quickly) and they are delish. xxx

  3. Awww he's so gorgeous! Toby's been sent a Next voucher, may have to buy him these!xx

  4. How cute is he in his dungarees what a shame he's growing out if them can't wait to see what fab outfits you have for him! ps make sure carson has his flatcap on for his he looks amazing in that xx

  5. such a cute outfit Finley looks fab in it!

  6. Aww so cute! They grow out of things so quickly at that age don't they? He looks adorable, I love the mini Vans though have to say I don't think i would have spent that much on anything that was going get so little use out of it either!! xx

  7. Loving his outfit! He looks so cool xx

  8. He looks adorable and I am in love with those baby vans, I totally understand what you mean about buying them for babies because they outgrow things so quickly. The dungarees are gorgeous, I love next for baby clothes, one of my favourite outfits for Rose is from there.

    Georgia xx

    .this other story

  9. Such a cute and lovlet outfit too. Save it for number 3 :D .

  10. Aw Finley is so cute :) love the outfits and he's name is lovely.


  11. Ah the baby vans have got me!! Super cute from head to toe!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


  12. How adorable is Finley! I love those little dungarees, anything baby blue is a winner with me. Just adorable! I've linked up, thank you for hosting :) #babybabble

    Fiona @

  13. Such a little cutie! I love his outfit

  14. Awww he's so cute! Those shoes are adorable, I always got so upset when my son grew out of his cute little baby shoes! I think I cried when his converse were too small lol

    #babybabble xx

  15. So cute, was a lovely little outfit!!


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