#TeamDietChef: My Second Week!

I continue to follow my Diet Chef 28 Day plan with great gusto. Why? I really have yet to dislike anything! I am NEVER hungry, I don't have to deprive myself of any treats and it's all just so convenient. You can read my intro post about my plan HERE

I sound like an advert I know, but honestly, I'm absolutely loving it. As you will have seen yesterday on my week 6 weight in post, week 2 of Diet Chef brought more great results, in fact, better than the first week:

Diet Chef Week 2 Results:
Start weight: 16st 12lbs
Last week weight: 16st 9.8lbs
Current weight: 16st 7.4lbs
Weekly Loss: -2.4lbs.
Total Loss: -4.6lbs

Whilst I'm yet to find a single morsel I do not like yet, I am beginning to discover some firm favourites. Today, I'm going to focus on... 


The sausages in onion gravy are HUGE! On previous "diets" I was always told to avoid sausages as they're fatty and salt laden - not what you want when trying to trim down. You definitely do not miss out with these bad boys though - big meaty sausages with so much flavour, and you get a decent amount of the rich gravy too. 

I've already touched upon the pork meatballs last week but I was clever enough to order 2 of these so had them again this week - just as tasty yet again. A big fave right now and so very versatile in terms of making a meal. Add pasta, rice or couscous, or serve over home made potato wedges, whatever takes your fancy.

Chicken Tikka Masala - one of the most flavourful curries I've ever had outside of an authentic Indian restaurant. I even had to share with hubby in the end as the curry I'd made him separately just didn't cut the mustard compared to mine!

Chilli Con Carne is crammed with flavour and the amount of meat is substantial, unlike other microwave meals. I prefer mine over a bed of veg rather than rice, but I am thinking of a small jacket potato with the next one - that would be tasty I'm sure.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the size of the chicken breast that has been in my Chicken Chasseur and Coq Au Vin too. It's so moist that you can pull it apart with a gentle stroke of your fork. THAT is how I like my chicken in 'saucy' dishes. 

Lunch time is one of the busiest times of day for me right now, especially with Carson being on his Summer Holidays now. On a hot day a chocolate shake or vanilla shake blended with ice is just perfect, and easy to consume whilst busy too (just don't let them sit too long whilst you're ironing or whatnot, else you start to get sediments collecting at the bottom of your glass. I'd say 15 mins - tops)

Pea & Ham Soup is a classic soup that has a danger of tasting too salty for me, be it from a tin or in a restaurant. Diet Chef's pea & ham soup, however, has that perfect ratio where you can actually taste both the peas and the ham - not one more than the other, and not too salty either. The colour is a little off putting, but the taste more than makes up for it. I used some of my additional calorie allowance to dunk a piece of bread in. Mmmm, Just like momma used to make!

The Tomato Soup is a far cry from a tinned alternative. Now this is where the "chef" of Diet Chef comes in to play. Absolutely delicious. I've only had a tomato soup this good once before, at my sister's wedding back in 2010. I recommend anyone ordering a hamper to tick the box for tomato soup!!

Have you ever had Scouse? Basically a peppery stew, slow cooked for hours consisting of spuds, carrots, onions and meat? It's a classic round here and, made right, it's the bee's knees of home comfort. 

Well, the Chunky Vegetable Soup is EXACTLY like scouse - minus the meat. Maybe Diet Chef could add a new dish to their range, using this as the base and just add braised beef or lamb to it? Peppery and hearty - you're full before the bowl is done. 

Meatless Scouse?
Next week, I'll be going into further detail on my favourite snacks and breakfasts but for now, remember - if you are interested in joining #TeamDietChef you can check out the plans HERE and don't forget to use this code to save £10 off too: MYAGDHF@

What do you think of my plan so far?


  1. Good luck on your weightloss journey, I love chilli con carne my favourite. This diet soundgood because you get to eat your fav still

  2. good luck, just think of them little clothes you can buy :) xo

  3. This looks fantastic and there are so many choices aren't there?! I always find I'm hungry when I try to lose weight so finding a plan that doesn't leave me craving more more more is always a bonus!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  4. You're doing amazingly! I always wonder about the diet food packages but it's clearly working for you!



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