June's Nonabox Review

I've been been participating in some Nonabox reviews these past few month's. April's blew me away so much so that May's sparkle was slightly dampened by it. This month is my 3rd and final box to review so I was really hoping for good things!

The lady courier who delivered asked me if anything was breakable in the box as it took a bit of a tumble on transit, I advised I didn't know and this sparked up a nice 5-10 minute doorstep conversation as to what Nonabox was about. Felt like a door-to-door saleman, only I was the one indoors!

Finally escaping the door, I could open my lovely purple box of goodness to find the following...

SQUEEEE!!! :-)

Ella's Kitchen Smoothie RRP £0.79
Strawberries, apples, bananas and raspberries are all that's in this pouch! Can't wait 'til Finley is old enough to taste this! (sip for mum, sip for finley, sip for mum...)

Ella's Kitchen Baby Rice RRP £0.99
It won't be long until Finley can have this either - great! I love these pouches, so handy to store in your change bag for when you're out and about.

Weleda Calendula Shampoo/Body Wash RRP £6.95
100% natural ingredients make this shampoo and body wash perfect for babies and adults alike. It smells gorgeous during use and afterwards too - I love a long lasting fragrant product I do. Left Fin's skin feeling very silky soft (and my hands!) P.S Carson loves this in his bath too, he says it makea him smell beautiful.  Very true! I'm glad I've discovered this product thanks to Nonabox.

Weleda Calendula Baby Oil RRP £9.45
It's yellow and silk like but fragrance free. Some people will love this, and it does feel great don't get me wrong, I just personally dislike it being fragrance free as it reminds me of olive oil.

Magic Inkless Print Kit RRP: £11.99
What a beautiful item this is. My fave in this months' box!! A simple wipe and press, and hey presto! You've captured your munchkin's little prints to do with as you please.  This would make a marvellous gift in itself.

Waterwipes Makeup Remover Wipes RRP: £3 (ish!)
Struggled to find where you can buy these - I dont know why though because they're great.  No harsh chemicals on your face, just water wipes.  It's exactly what you need during or after pregnancy when we all know your hormones play havoc with your skin!

Weleda Nursing Oil RRP £7.95
Not particularly suited to me as I don't breast feed, nor am I pregnant. Having said that, as a blogger I am simply sent what could be available, not necessarily a tailored box to my situation. I gave it a go anyway and my skin feels wonderful! Any pregnant ladies who received this product this month will be very happy ladies!

This month was great. Excellent value for money with quality full size products.

Over the course of the 3 month review I can say that it has been an experience! I appreciate the discovery of new and relevant brands and the fact that I can try these without forking out first is an incredible bonus.
OK so last month left me a little deflated but that's only because April had been so amazing, setting my expectations really high. Nonabox pulled it out the bag again this month, leaving me very impressed.

All that said, I would absolutely recommend Nonabox. I'm going to miss receiving them because it's like a birthday present each month!
If you have a pregnant sister, friend, cousin you really can't give a better gift where both mum and baby are treated. You can buy one standalone box, 3 monthly boxes or 6 monthly boxes. The more you opt for the bigger the saving. Click HERE to take a look at the offers on at the mo!

What did you think of June's Nonabox? Looking at my experience over the 3 months, would you agree in that it's worth your money?

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  1. This looks great! I would be very happy receiving it. X

  2. I really love the concept of the Nonabox and all the reviews I've seen make it look like such an amazing subscription box :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  3. what a great little package of goodies. :) xo

  4. What an amazing little box some fab goodies in there xx

  5. What an amazing little box some fab goodies in there xx

  6. Those inkess wipes are fab, we've use them to make cufflinks for daddy but I've now found a £4 version on Amazon and they're just as good


  7. I haven't heard of this before. There seems to be a box for everything now. This looks good.

  8. what a lovely selection of goodies


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