Symptoms and Treatment of Cradle Cap

Not only is cradle cap unsightly but it PONGS!! Honestly, I couldn't get to the bottom of this foul earwax type smell radiating from Finley, even after he's had a bath. After much sniffing like an excitable dog, I figured it was coming from his hair. Ewww, how strange. There's my gorgeous little pumpkin with skin smelling all beautiful and looking all soft... with a hair whiff like you wouldn't believe. Upsetting really. Luckily cradle cap causes no pain to baby, it's a greasy, scaly, yellowish patch of skin found on the scalp and sometimes in the ears and eyebrows.

My Health Visitor had previously advised, in general, not to wash Finley's hair more than twice a week to prevent stripping the natural oils from the hair and skin. 

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo (rrp £2.59) is formulated to treat cradle cap effectively but gently.
I was kindly sent some shampoo to have a go of and we are now in the fourth week of doing so. 

The shampoo itself doesn't have much of a fragrance but it is a silky texture, foams well and leaves hair soft and clean. It also didn't bother Finley when it dripped down his face (whoops!)

You can use Dentinox as an every day shampoo but we don't always wash Finley's hair when we bath him. This is, of course, a personal choice made by the general advice of a Health Visitor. 
That said, our usage of Dentinox over the 4 weeks equates to one solid week of application. 

I must admit that we didn't notice a difference for the first couple of weeks but were advised to persevere and I can honestly say that today I've noticed a dramatic change. The patch he did have was from the crown to the forehead but now only remains to the right side at the forefront of his head and the smell no longer takes over his poor little head! t's difficult to photograph but I think this shows it well...

A big difference with just a small dry patch left.

I'll continue with the Dentinox Shampoo at the rate of which I'm using at the moment as it is clear that it still works this way whilst keeping in line with our shampooing routine. If you choose to wash your littlun's hair on a daily basis, I believe you will see a noticeable difference within a week of using Dentinox, and it only costs £2.59! Once it's completely cleared, continue using Dentinox to prevent the condition returning. There'll be plenty left over to do this as a little goes a long way on baby's little head. 

Other Dentinox products that may come in handy at this time in babies life...

NEW DENTINOX EYE WIPES - Containing a sterile saline solution, Dentinox Eye Wipes are designed to gently cleanse a baby’s eyelids and lashes, safely, removing sticky residue and refreshing a little one’s eyes. Suitable from birth and ideal when out and about, Dentinox Eye Wipes are just the innovation that parents have been crying out for. RRP £3.49

Having used these when Finley has sleep in his eyes, and once when he had an eyelash stuck and it was irritating him, I can agree that they do clean safely, the wipes themselves are thick and soft so you don't have to worry about your nails breaking through them or hurting baby. Eyes are precious, don't risk causing an infection by using fragranced, thin, cosmetic wipes. I wouldn't anyway. These come individually wrapped so you can pop a few in your handbag or change bag, just in case.

DENTINOX TEETHING GELSuitable from birth, this soothing gel, which can be applied every 20 minutes if necessary, gets to work swiftly, providing effective pain relief. It is sugar free and contains an antiseptic. RRP £2.39

Whilst I've not used this yet with Finley, I used it with Carson through his teething years and found it eased some pain almost instantly. I'm really glad I have some in ready for when that time comes for Finley. I remember the taste is really quite nice, kind of sweet - not antisepticky! In my opinion this is a much better alternative to paracetamol at the distressing teething stage, it's well worth the cost.

Have you ever had to tackle cradle cap? 
What did you use? 

DISCLAIMER: I received the above-mentioned Dentinox samples for the purpose of reviewing on the blog. I wasn't paid to write this post, all opinions are my own - open and honest as per usual :-)


  1. My youngest son had cradle cap. I used a bit of olive oil and massaged it into his scalp. It made his hair look greasy for a couple of days(!), but it did work. : )

  2. Great post,sounds like that's a really good product for treatment! x

  3. Aw I remember Bradley having awful cradle cap and nothing seemed to work!! Nightmare!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. Oh bless him. I'm so pleased Eli didn't have cradle cap, I'd have ended up picking at it


  5. Great post, i remember my kids suffering cradle cap, it was a nightmare X

  6. I used dentinox on my son, they are a really good brand, my problem was i could never leave his cradle cap alone it drove me mad! xxxx


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