Carson's Sports Day

Carson had his sports day yesterday. I was expecting it to last 30-45mins as it did last year in F2, but this year, Year 1, was completely different and it lasted 2 whole hours.

carsonsmummy, sports day

I don't know how the kiddies didn't look exhausted because the parents did, and I've got sunburn and tanlines something rotten today!

carsonsmummy, sports day

Gone are the days of the egg 'n' spoon. We had a running race, a relay race, a walk-like-a-scarecrow-with-a-bean-bag-on-your-head race (really!), football dribbling & penalty taking, throw a bean bag in a hoop race (x2 one hoop flat on the ground, another like upright) and a crawl-under-the-sheet race.

carsonsmummy, sports day,
With his vest/dress!!
I love watching Carson getting so excited, I only wish the day was more organised. Parents didn't know where to stand/what to do. It wasn't explained that the children would be moving around the field in different groups, and it certainly wasn't advised that it lasts 2 hours!

carsonsmummy, sports day

It began at 1.15pm and I thought I'd be home by 2pm for lunch, but I ended up staying there 'til 3.15pm and they all ran in to get their uniforms inside their PE Kit bags and came back out again to go home. I was starving!! And oh so thirsty, it was an absolute scorcher yesterday (hence the sunburn!)

carsonsmummy, sports day, football

Anyway, Carson had tons of fun and it wasn't at all competitive, which was nice to see. I know competition can be a great thing for them but it really was about the fun this year... for the kids!

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  1. I used to love sports day when I was little, such fun! Looks like he had a great time!
    Two Hearts One Roof

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  3. What a lovely event. He looks very happy!

  4. Awww bless him. He looks so proud of himself

    Cat x

  5. awww Joanna what a fab sports day ... even if it was slightly disorganised! .. i love his face .. so proud!

    thanks for linking up with #ActiveFamily its lovely to have you linked up x

  6. Aww this looks like an awesome sports day! Well done Carson. I missed Stacey's this year as she was supposed to sit it out do to some problems she was having but the little monkey decided to take part at the last minute!!! Lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. my son starts school in Sept i'm so excited for stuff like this x

  8. Only 2 hrs - count yourself lucky. Ours lasts from 9 - 1.15 for years 1-6. ( I'll be doing a dance to the rain gods!) Mind you, I don't turn up until 11ish so then I only have to watch a few games and then have a picnic lunch. But the main thing is that the kids enjoy it.


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