#TeamDietChef: My First Week!

As I wrote about here last week, and you have no doubt seen on Instagram and Twitter, I've embarked upon a 4 week trial of Diet Chef: the pre calorie-calculated, pre-portioned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, all delivered directly to your door.

They don't just dump it and run though! Here is my personalised advice from Diet Chef:
Based on your height, weight, age and level of exercise we estimate that you will burn 2542 calories (kcal) per day. For a healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week stick to 1842 calories per day.
Once you add your daily milk, fresh fruit and vegetables you will be consuming around 1200 calories per day - so you should add a further 642 calories daily to reach your target intake. This will ensure a steady and more sustainable weight loss.
So not only do they tell me what I can expect to lose, it tells me what I likely burn off in a day and how much in additional extras I should have alongside this plan. Very responsible of them to do this because I genuinely would never have thought about how much extra should be added on. In fact, someone only tweeted me yesterday to exclaim that they didn't know you could have any extra's!

Anyway, my personalised advice makes for awesome news! I can add a piece of toast with my morning muesli, add a little bit of rice or pasta with my dinner, or have an lolly-ice with the rest of the family!

The dinner's are superb. Incredibly tasty and great sized portions. You wouldn't think that a) they were microwave meals and b) they were low in fat and calories. They taste like a real treat! My fave veg at the mo is cauliflower, so I've been adding it to my meals to bulk them out, along with brocolli too. As you can see with the pork meatballs, I added a fistful of pasta tubes and a sprinkling of cheese too.

Yes, all dinners are microwavable in an average of 3 minutes!

Lunches consist of pasta or couscous pots, soups, shakes or protein bars. I can definitely say that the shakes have been a godsend in this heat last week. Made with a handblender and slightly less water than advised, I added ice and bloomin' well enjoyed! So far I've tried Vanilla and Chocolate - both taste gorgeous. The Apple & Cinnamon porridge, made with milk, is one of the most beautiful breakfasts I have ever had - chunks of soft apple in a creamy cinnamon oaty porridge. Mmmm!! The Banana & Vanilla, made with water this time, was a little stodgy. So I would deffo advise using some of your milk allowance for the porridges. 

Snacks are wicked! By far the best, is the popcorn, the packs are bigger than my head! No more watching a movie with a sugar and fat laden bag of toffee popcorn, wooah no! I'm sorry I only chose 5 bags out of the 28 snacks I had delivered. Having said that, the biscuits are perfect for when you crave that sweet tea dunkin' moment (normally when Finley's asleep and I've finally finished all the tidying!) They're thin and crunchy, unlike the breakfast cookies they have. They, are all doughy and moist, not dissimilar to the fresh cookies you get from the bakery in Asda or Tesco.

I've not been hungry once this week. Genuinely.
If anything, I've been a little too full at times (going crazy with the cauliflower haha!)

I have had my first voddy night in a year though with one of my best friends Tracey, but the day before I ensured I saved a few of my extra calories, and again on the day too. I also declined a slice of chocolate birthday cake and dya know what... it was only because I genuinely didn't feel hungry for some, not a case of being scared about the effect it may have on my diet!

To see my weight loss in the first week of Diet Chef, click HERE!!


  1. I have been contemplating trying something like this. What's in the food though? I am always concerned that these things have too much salt or not enough fat that is good for you etc. I'll go check out their website and find out. I only need to lose 7lb but I am such a lazy cook that I often reach for the snacks so it's taking me a while to shift the extra weight so I am trying out a Malory Band at the moment to see if that helps.

  2. Sounds like you are doing well! The food looks really good and I'd totally try the snacks too! xo


  3. Sounds like you are doing well! keep up the good work.



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