Tooth Fairy or Not Tooth Fairy?

Tooth fairy or not tooth fairy... That is the question!

Recently Carson's been talking about other children in his class losing their first, and even second, tooth. It's hard for Carson to understand that whilst other's in his class are approaching 7 in the next 2 months or so, he's one of the youngest in his year and not even 6 years old yet so his teeth aren't ready to be coming out as fast as his friends.

On Friday night there was nothing wrong with Carson's teeth. Not one sign of wobble whatsoever. But, it seems no matter how much I told him that they'd come out of their own accord, it fell on deaf ears. He played and played and twiddled and fiddled. By the Saturday night he'd lost his first tooth.

As you can see he is incredibly proud (now the blood has all gone!!)

I must admit I panicked at first and googled for the average age of first tooth loss. Luckily it is between 5-6 years of age so it's actually not that bad (pheew!!)

When I was a little girl, I believed in the tooth fairy. I got 20p for a tooth but she never came to collect until I'd been good for 2 whole days (harder than you'd think being the eldest of 4 with only 3.5years between me and the youngest!). High five to the 'rents for their little twist on that. It's bribery in it's most innocent form!

My dilemma is whether or not the tooth fairy is outdated? Is Carson likely to be picked on for being so super excited to tell everyone that she'd been? 
If it's still acceptable to plug her as real, what's the going rate these days... inflation in the near 25 years since I had my visit, I'm guessing it's going to set me back a small fortune :(

I've promised him some pennies if he can not play with his teeth and lose any more before he goes back to school but, to be honest, I think now he's had the joy of the first loss - he won't push for any more anyway. He's tasted success the once... it better be enough!


  1. Carson sounds just like one of my younger sisters, she was always really competitive and once her friends teeth started falling out she started more or less forcing her own to come out so she had lost more than her friends. Unfortunately her adult teeth grew back out of place (whether this is related I don't know) and she had to have braces (no one in my family have ever had to have braces).

    As for your dilemma with the tooth fairy, I think if you do father Christmas you can't really say know. Just give him less money and say that he didn't get as much as his friends because he's not brushing his teeth enough etc, it might encourage him to be really careful with his teeth (I wish I had been).

  2. This is so sweet and I love how he was so keen to lose his first tooth. I totally believe in indulging in children's ability to imagine things as it's something we lose later on, to me stories and figures such as Elves, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy are all apart of childhood and I cannot wait to leave a little something when my son loses his first tooth :)

    Laura x

  3. My younger sister still has visit from the tooth fairy and I thibk all her friends do too. I think she gets a pound for each tooth. I wouldn't say the tooth fairy's outdated :) xx

  4. nothing that nicely cons money out of a childs parents is outdated, and a bit of harmless fun (imo). My grandchildren also get £1, its only £20 for a full set over 2 or 3 years. Its a what age do you stop them believing? Fifi goes off to secondary school in about 3 weeks, and still believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa!! Mummy has some explaining to do over the next few weeks.
    I remember being down the beach one day with the 3 youngest, the boys were 9 and daughter no3 was 6 when they spotted a ferry - and Son No1 says look a ferry, is it going to Arran? So daughter looks for a "fairy" but could not see the boys being typical big brothers told her the fairy was on the ferry and she lives on Arran and thats how she gets backwards and forwards......and she believed them for a number of years, I thought it was lovely,

  5. Childhood is meant to be magical. All of my children's friends have seemed to have visits from the tooth fairy, and the going rate here is also £1 - unless a tooth for whatever reason is lost prematurely - in which case the tooth fairy is extra kind and they get £2 :)

  6. My daughter is almost 8, the kids at school tell her the tooth fairy and santa and everything magical about childhood is not real. She gets £2 a tooth. I was thinking £1 was a fair amount but she lost her first at Nanas house and I kind of had to keep it up from there


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