Sadly saying no to a Haven holiday...

Not been on holiday in 2 years, when we last went to Haven Hafan Y'Mor in late April 2012, we managed to get a 3 bed Deluxe for circa £160 for 4 nights. It was the second time we'd visited that park and we'd also previously visited Presthaven Sands. Each and every time, Carson had the TIME. OF. HIS. LIFE!! Our holidays had all been before he started school so we didn't have to think about when we were going, we just did.

We haven't been on holiday since due to an array of reasons such as family problems, work commitments, school terms and then, of course, falling pregnant and the dreaded SPD. Maternity pay is also a mega bummer. So difficult to get by on a fraction of your normal wage! It's not like your bills let you take a maternity break too! So this was to be the 3rd consecutive year without our beloved Haven holiday.

Well... an amazing thing has happened. We have been gifted a holiday from a family member! WOW!  *twirls around in thankful glee, squealing* We are so incredibly lucky and Carson is absolutely thrilled beyond belief (almost as much as me)

However, that said, we jumped straight on to the Haven website to get booking again and was absolutely mortified to see that a bog standard 10ft, 2-bed 'van, during the summer holidays, self catering, sets you back £670 for 4 nights. As we don't drive, so will have zero additional storage space, we will have the pram and suitcases for 4 people's worth of towels and clothes plus a shed load of nappies etc so realistically we would have needed a 3 bed to dump stuff in... PLUS we would have to upgrade to a superior to ensure bed linen is included as we couldn't possibly carry that as well! So in realistic terms, a 4 night stay would cost us £777 for the week we want.

Sorry Haven. Not happening.

So... we decided to save HUNDREDS of pounds, and opt for The Village Hotel in Blackpool for 4 nights instead (which also includes breakfast and a fruit bowl in our room!). There'll be no cabin fever as we're going to visit Blackpool Zoo, Nickolodeon Land & Pleasure Beach and Sealife Centre & Madame Tussauds. There'll be time for plenty more too! We still get to go swimming as the hotel features both an indoor and outdoor heated pool too. There's a bar, restaurant, massive grounds to walk around/picnic in and I even received a tweet the other day to say that there'd be a children's entertainer on site during the summer!

I can't wait to write all about it and share some new memories with you - I'm gunna have sooo many pictures (Instagram followers - I apologise in advance LOL)

Sad to think that without this awesome gift from incredibly generous family members we just couldn't afford a holiday full stop during the summer holidays any more. It is extortionate before you've even left the house, and I was totally floored by the HUGE increase in costs compared to non-school holidays. I appreciate that an increase is necessary during peak times but wowzers... how can the average family afford to holiday when 4 nights, plus travel costs and food, (never mind any spends!) will set you back at least ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. It's no wonder most people go abroad these days and it's an incredible shame.

Let's see if our Blackpool holiday will prove successful and I will report back late August after we return!!

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  1. it's shocking how much the rates and prices have changed recently, a fe wears ago you could go abroad for the same price. xo

  2. I agree with Chloe and you it's shocking the prices and I would rather spend that money abroad than here just for four short nights. I love Blackpool and I enjoyed it so much last year can't wait to visit soon

  3. it really is unfair, especially when you see stories where parents are been punished for taking there children out of school

  4. We were shocked too when we looked at May half term and it was 4 times the price! Hope you have a fab time in Blackpool :-)

  5. Wow thats expensive could go abroad for that price now.


  6. I'm not going away this year due to this reason. When I enquired about going abroad just me and Olivia it was over 600 pounds more to go for exactly the same holiday during school holidays. My mum is taking Olivia for me now as you know. Can't wait to read about your holiday xx


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