Festival MUST-HAVE!! Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo *Review*

I've gone from washing my hair every day to maybe twice a week since Finley was born. Mostly because I'm scared to leave him with Carson for the brief 5 minutes it takes for me to get a shower.

Nothing against Carson but, seriously, he's 5 years old.

I do shower before bed when the boys are asleep but then obviously I can't use the hair dryer for fear of waking up a sleeping baby so I often just leave the wig as it is and top knot it for almost a whole week ha!

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo (rrp £6.99) caught my eye, I did wonder if this would be a genuine contender against the dry shampoo, revitalised hair without the hassle. Whilst dry shampoo is great at soaking those follicle oils and sprucing up my barnet, it also takes time in blending it in, additionally, I can't spray it around the baby. The Towel Off Shampoo, however, just foams on, towels off and boomage! 

You're done. Literally!!

Here's my easy-peasy step by step guide to sorting your noodle in 2 minutes flat...

Step One.
Gross out at your greasy hair.

Step Two.
Pump out some foam.

Step Three.
Massage into the roots.

Step Four.
Towel dry hair

Step Five. 
Style as normal (for me, a messy pony tail or a top knot!)

Realistically this is all you need to do, but my side fringe is horrendous without a bit of volume so the next step is entirely optional

Step Six.
Whip a roller in the fringe and spritz with hairspray.

Step Seven
Remove the roller and use fingers to pop in place (in my case, roughly behind my ear)

You don't need a mirror or any time at all.

I'm thinking busy mums or... FESTIVAL GO-ERS!! This is right up their street.

The apple fragrance is lush and really long lasting. As a hairspray addict, I can vouch for their claims that it removes some product. Not all, but definitely some, you don't have that coated feeling when you run your fingers through your hair.

I can fully imagine that your hair would look even better if you could blast it with the hairdryer before styling rather than towel drying but for the purpose of reviewing this PR sample I thought I'd take it right back to basics - just as you'd be at if camping or at festivals.

It's a refreshing change to dry shampoo in that I felt like I'd had my hair thoroughly washed - it's exactly what you need in the summer and I would definitely buy it in the future.

If you want to grab one then do it now whilst Waterless Ltd are offering a discount code which will give customers 20% off all items. 
Go check out their range HERE and the code is SUMMER20 

So... have you tried it? Will you be taking a look?


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  1. I have used towel of shampoo for both myself and daughter during times of illness. Very useful product.

  2. This product sounds great!! I wash my hair every morning as it gets so greasy! I'm sure washing it everyday isn't helping but dry shampoo just isn't enough for my hair. But the photos you have taken makes your hair look nice and fresh! Does it feel clean as well? :)

    meimei xx


  3. I hadn't seen this before but it looks great!

  4. dry shampoo never works for me but this stuff works wonders!! gives your hair such a fresh look and feel. cant stop using it now!!

  5. This looks a lot better than the dry shampoo sprays that come out white! I am going to buy some of this. Thanks for the review.


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