Teething or Hungry? #BabyBabble

My Finley-Doodles is constantly gnawing on his fists and drooling like you wouldn't believe. He's only 12 weeks old, can he be teething already?

If I didn't know any better I would have most definitely say yes.

However, having said all that, when Carson was 12 weeks old he tasted his first spoon of baby rice as he really was an incredibly hungry baby - just as Finley is.
Finley drains 180ml - 210ml bottles every 2-3 hours, especially with him sleeping through the night now too - his waking day revolves around feeding and poo'ing, occasionally giggling! - How kind!

Soooo, I decided to give the rice bash. I can't feel any teeth and the similarities between Carson and Finley's feeding behaviour made me bite the bullet and go for it. I opened the rice, I mixed it with his milk and I offered the spoon to his lips.

12 weeks old baby rice, carsonsmummy blog, baby rice, when to add rice to milk

I know that guidelines suggest you do not feed baby anything other than milk until 6 months old, but I'm a great believer that each and every baby is different. Guidelines are not there to be followed rigidly, simply to help in the recognition of the milestones of what "most" babies need or do and at what age. As a mum, you tend to know what baby wants, intuitively.

Never have I seen Finley so excited before! He was babbling, cooing, giggling, waving his arms and legs around. It was hilarious, and incredibly heart warming. If I took longer than a couple of seconds to get another spoonful he would get seriously angry and shout at me. He also cried when it ran out! Greedy guzzler would have carried on all evening I'm telling you. He even grabbed at the spoon and almost poked his eye out whilst trying tried to put it towards his mouth himself. Mind, he does that with his bottle and dummy too actually. Grabs on for dear life!

12 weeks old baby rice, carsonsmummy blog, baby rice, when to add rice to milk

I left it for a couple of days after his first taste. I wanted to check his toilet patterns were OK and not in any way compromised by the addition of this foreign food! He was absolutely fine. Not a single change at all.

I'm not going to start weaning at 12 weeks old though, noooo! I don't want his milk intake reducing and being replaced by food. But I am happy to occasionally offer him some rice on those super hungry days.

He's had the chance to enjoy something a little different this week and I continue to be baffled at how quickly time flies... Seems like only yesterday I was whinging and whining about SPD and heartburn....


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  1. Aw look at his little face!! He looks so happy!! I also agree every baby is different! Good luck with the weaning! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. I used waterproof teething mittens when my LO started to teethe at 13 weeks

  3. Aww he could be teething, we went from Colic to teething and Monkey had his first 2 teeth by 4 months old! So you never know! I am with you on the food thing, we started weaning probably at about 41/2 mths because he seemed ready for it. Glad to hear how much he loved the baby rice bless him! So cute! xx

  4. Sounds like teething to me, he's adorable! x

  5. He's such a cutie. We tried Eli early on with some purees but he didn't really seem fussed so we waiting until he was 5 and a half months.

    Cat x

  6. Aw he looks so happy! I agree about using your intuition, he's obviously pleased you did!xx

  7. such a cutie, mum knows best and hes clearly enjoying his food

  8. it really is true tht every baby is different and I do this mum's should try and listen to their instincts - which can often be drowned out under the plethora of advice and theories on how to do things - worth bearing in mind that the advice and theories keep changing anyway.

  9. He looks pretty happy to me - good on you for trusting yuor instincts!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


  10. aw cute pictures! I swear by teething granules when my little boy is teething.



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