#BabyBabble this week 10/07/14

Last week was one of the most popular #BabyBabble weeks so far - thank you all for linking up. I love reading your posts!

Last week, my fave was Sarah's from The Knott Bump & Us, she wrote about being isolated having moved away from home after just giving birth, and finding some solace in local baby & toddler groups. 

How brave?! I don't even have the balls to go to any in my home town where I've lived almost 30 years!

Anyway, this week I've been to a family funeral, celebrated a wedding anniversary and built a whole room of furniture - it's left blogging a little bit down the list of priorities sadly, soooo I am linking to an old post which you will find via the linky below. Please remember to continue commenting on other posts that link up to #babybabble and grab the badge below or link back to Coming from Carsonsmummy so others know where to join us, that's the best thing about linkies - the interaction!



  1. This is a cool linky, condolences on the funeral. Good job on the furniture x

  2. Sounds like you've been a busy bee, apologies for your loss and I really look forward to your future posts!


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