Weigh in: Week 13.

Whoopsies! A day late for weigh in. I didn't even twig that it was weigh day yesterday  - clearly not stressing about it this week then eh?! Well, if I'm honest, my amazing 6.6lb weightloss last week was piddled on a bit, putting me on a downer really.

I took a bit of stick on my personal facebook account last week after my Clean 9 detox. Apparently if I have time to blog, I have time to diet correctly. Apparently being mentally exhausted having recently had a baby and losing my dear dad so suddenly, is actually down to lack of carbs (?)

My answer to that is simple, I blog as my hobby in my little spare time. I don't often see friends or go out - it's my vice.  If food research was a hobby, I'd end up demented.

Carb intake is the cause of my mental exhaustion? A bowl of pasta aint helping any mum, with a 6 yr old (with aspergers) and a 5 month old, who's just lost her dad so suddenly and at such a young age. Iron might, so I get my 100% RDA. If that's not proactive...?

Care to disagree all you want. I'm doing really well and for once I'm not beating myself up about my weight. I call that progress. Two fingers to those who beg to differ.

Week 13 Weight Loss Results
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 15st 13.8lbs
Weekly loss: +1lb
Total Loss: 20lbs

Straight after a full 9 day detox.. that aint bad if you ask me. It's not "all back on" as I was hit with.

Onwards and upwards with my head held high.


  1. That's an amazing amount of wait loss over the 13 weeks and 1lb up is nothing considering the week you had :-)

  2. I think that is an amazing loss hun, well done you x

  3. Well done. I know a lot of people doing the clean 9 who are having fabulous results.




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