Memories - They're not like they used to be!

I remember before technology allowed our parents to video our school plays or Christmas morning as kids, unless your parents were millionaires a bit well off. All we have are some pretty blurry picture prints, but even they are enough to make your heart skip a beat as you wander down memory lane. 

Check out my very first mobile phone on Christmas morning, this was a good 15 or 16 years ago now.
My first mobile phone!

Did anyone have a BT Cellnet 'U' also known as the Philips c12... they were AMAZING, at the time. Remember the Bio thing that told you how much love etc you'd have on whatever date you input. I have no shame in admitting that I believed what it predicted, followed by utter disappointment when the boy I fancied didn't send me a "YES/NO/MAYBE: Please tick" letter. C'mon, I wasn't the only one... was I? 

As much as I loved that mobile phone, I am truly thankful that our generation has the technology that allows us to video our littlun's. I've managed to catch things like Finley's first laugh, him rolling over, Carson singing to Nikki Minaj like a diva when he was 4 years old. 

Then, there was this little gem that we found yesterday.  A video of Carson on Christmas morning when he's just turned 3. It was his first real Christmas. You know what I mean? Where they're old enough to understand and get excited about Santa's mince pie and Rudolph's carrot? 

Give it a watch - his scream of disbelief at around 25 seconds is adorable but at 1:20 ish, his overwhelmed and joyous statement just absolutely melts my heart.

You think you remember everything but it's only when you look back and realise how much they've grown and developed. I don't remember him talking like this - ever. 
I shed a little tear watching this back. Not only is it incredibly cute, but I feel a bit bad for not recalling Carson being that toddler. If it wasn't for this video I'd have had my own version of this memory in my mind which turns out to be wrong. 

Such a strange realisation. How many of my own childhood memories are wrong? 

Thank god for technology, this will never be forgotten now and I have it all to look forward to with Finley as well... imagine the memory making tools our kids will have when they've gifted us with grandkids, now that is scary thought!

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  1. I think it's amazing what we can record and keep nowadays. My Mam has a million photo's but it;s not quite the same as a video


  2. Rrrrrrr i remember this was so amazin wen you showed us next day love him xxx

  3. Aww fantastic, you've got me thinking about what T and D will use to record their children/grandchildren's childhood memories now, thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements :)

  4. Aww! That video is so adorable.....I have so many videos of my two. So special to be able to look back on them x

  5. its crazy how technology has changed so much and its quite amazing but i feel like im on it a bit too much and wish sometimes we could go back to less

  6. I love this video, a great moment to capture. I love how kids get all excited at Christmas #SSAmazingAchievements PS my first phone was a motorola flare, I don't want to work out how many years ago lol

  7. Oh what a lovely video - so cute. Love smartphones for being able to capture moments like that easily. My first mobile phone was fairly similar to yours - we thought they were amazing at the time! :-)

  8. Ahh bless love the video so cue. I think there is someting so great about videos brings more to the memory than just photos. So cute. Love your first phone too. I remember mine too! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

  9. Aww he is the cutest. We don't really have many memories my parents not being ones to capture many things on photographs. I have loads of Olivia and love watching them back and so does she! I can't even remember my first phone I think it was a motorola?!?!


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