Warm Milk on the Go with Myyfeed

When I'm out and about with Finley, I must confess - he gets cold milk that was pre-made before I left the house. Yes, I know it's not the nicest for him, and I know it can cause bacteria to fester - should it cool and not be refrigerated for any length of time. I'm always careful to time my trips so I know the bottle will be needed within at least 90-120 minutes of me going out. What a pain in the bum though, seriously.

So there are flasks to keep milk warm but, again, you don't want the formula being continuously warm for hours on end due to the risks of bacteria build-up.

Myyfeed have introduced a middle-ground to these issues. An insulated carry case for your bottle, complete with compartment for formula. This way your water stays hot and, in compliance with the guidelines that state water should be no less than 70c in order to kill bacteria in the formula, you don't have to add your formula until you are ready.

Sounds good, now let's put it to the test...

I put 240ml pre-boiled water into my bottle and add 8 scoops formula into the compartment that sits above the water. After placing into the Myyfeed flask with the teat in the lid, I purposely leave the bottle for 2 hours on the kitchen worktop to put it to the test.

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When you need to prepare your feed, remove the bottle from the Myyfeed and simply click the button which connects to a plunger, releasing the formula into the milk. Shake, remove compartment and add teat.

Put easier, in an everyday scenario... you're out and about and know you're going to stop for a a coffee in ten minutes. Open the Myyfeed, click the button into the plunger, shake and let cool.

If you don't click & shake prior to needing the feed, the feed can remain too hot which can lead to mega-screams from an impatient baby. Click and shake 5 mins before you need it! This way, Baby will have a fresh, none bacteria-festering, feed without having to ask at counters for ways to warm up your bottle!

Myyfeed leakage

Do not shake with the powder compartment still attached as it leaked for me - even though the seal was fitted just fine. I may have been too vigorous,  but just to be sure in future, I click in the powder then place on teat before shaking. Problem solved!

Overall, it's a nifty little product which will be well used for Finley, especially as it can be used to insulate pouches/jars of food too (is there anything worse than cold mashed broccoli!) It retails at £19.99 and I will, no doubt, get that money's worth out of the Myyfeed.

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  1. What an innovative product! I know how much of a pain it is timing bottles when going out! Usually I end up being lazy and spending a fortune on pre made cartons of milk! I am sure this would save me money in the long run!

    Laura x x x

  2. I also spend a small fortune on pre-made cartons. This is ingenious!


  3. An interesting product, though I would worry about it leaking tbh


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