A week of development! #babybabble

This week has brought so many different developments for Finley that it has scared me! 

Firstly, he's making a chewing action when he's eating , instead of just kind of supping it down. So I squished up some green beans and added it to his dinner the other day, he looked like cute little old man with no teeth chomping away at his dinner, I can now introduce some sorts of textured food now. I certainly won't be giving him solids yet, but it's a development all the same isn't it? 

Speaking of teeth, that brings me on to point number 2... we have a slither! YUP - A tooth has finally cut through his sore little gum and, no longer can we just feel it, we can see the tip! Wow. It just goes to show how different all babies are. I found Carson's old baby book and I'd written that he never cried whilst teething and that his first came through at 6 months. Finley has whinged and whined for weeks (bless him), those rosy cheeks have been melting my heart. Plus his has cut through at just turned 5 months old. Sooo different. I wanted to take a pic but it's not visible on a picture yet (unless my phone could fit in his mouth and take a bird's eye view pic!). Perhaps next week I can have one for you all to see!

Sittin' & Chillin'
Finley has started to decide that he no longer likes to sit reclined, so just sits himself forward. All by himself. Only in his bouncer though. He likes to lean on his left knee like rancho relaxo. Excuse the terrible pics but he gets faaar too excited laughing and looking at everyone as if to say 'look at me!'

Muffle Shuffle! 
This little dude is desperate to get moving. If he's laid down on his back he rolls straight over, but THEN he lifts his bum and knees and digs his feet into the floor and CRAWLS forward! 
Problem... he can't move his arms yet, so his bottom half moves forward until his hands are no longer in front of his face but by his belly button instead. Then he gets incredibly frustrated and tries to bite a chunk out of the carpet whilst it muffles his shouts of anger! 

My mum reckons he'll be crawling in the next month or so, I duno myself. I think he may be trying too hard and end up wearing himself out. We'll see!

These may not be huge developments to some, but the fact they've all happened in one week has made it even more hard-hitting that my baby is fast growing up. As proud as I am, I'm not sure I like it...


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  1. Aww bless, lots of developments, sounds like he is doing so well, lots of things happening at once! So cute :) amazing how they are all different but they really do do things at their own pace! Xx

  2. Finley's growing up so fast! He looks so big in his chair :) it's crazy how fast they change and grow! Xx

  3. wow teeth already! I have a 6 month old too and not ready for all the joy of teething just yet - but know it will happen any minute!

  4. Wow, a busy week for Finley! haha, Jasmine is a muffle shuffler (love it) too!
    Thanks for hosting #babybabble
    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps

  5. Growing up so fast , just look at the cute pics awww :)

  6. I've heard mashed avocado is amazing for babies :) he's adorable! Looks like it's been a busy week :)


  7. Ahhh this is so exciting... it's all happening at once! Things happen so quickly. x

  8. Oh god, it really doesn't seem to seconds since you had him!

    Cat x

  9. Its going so fast!! Doesnt seem that long ago that you had him!! So excited to see him crawl! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  10. Aww I love this stage of development in babies, it is so exciting



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