My experience with MultiCIG's MultiVAPE Device

I have smoked since I was a teenager. God knows why. It's a horrid habit to have gotten into. It's funny though because I quit when pregnant with Carson and never went back to my usual habit after he was born - just more of a social smoker. You know when you have an alcoholic drink and it just screams "CIGGY NOW", yeah well I was that kind of smoker.

When I was pregnant with Finley I quit smoking again, and it was e-e-eeeasy. Let me tell you, the smell knocked me physically sick and any of my colleagues at work who'd had a smoke on their break just knew to keep away from me - or face the wrath of a pregnant woman.

After Fin was born I hardly smoked at all. That is, until my Dad died. Then I took right back up to how I was in my late teens - around 20 a day. Given his cause of death (haemorrhagic stroke) and the family history of stroke (my Sister and my family on my Mum's side have suffered with TIA's, or mini strokes) I just had to stop, or cut down at the very least.

The timing was impeccable when I received an email from MultiCIG offering me the opportunity to trial their vaping devices and I took up their offer immediately. I was sent a MultiVape Starter Kit which consists of the device, charger and 7ml of Tobacco Leaf flavoured liquid and retail at £24.99.

Getting started.

The device itself is usb chargeable as with most devices available these days. It's perfect for someone like me, I can charge in the laptop whilst blogging! 

So first things first, remove the base from the tank and mouthpiece and screw it into the charger. Whilst charging it will show a red LED until it is fully charged and it lights green. (Scroll down for image)

The top half of the device consists of the coil, tank and mouthpiece. Simply uncrew the tank from the coil (so that the device is now in 3 parts), tip upside down so the mouthpiece is facing the floor, and fill with your e-liquid of choice. Reattach the coil, remembering to keep the mouthpiece to the floor so you don't spill the contents, to the tank and then that to the base. 

Your vaping device is ready to go! 

Use of MultiVape Device.

Whenever you want to vape, press the button 5 times to activate the battery and it will flash blue. Press the button whilst vaping and the light will be a solid blue colour. Simply draw in as you normally would do on a cigarette and you are vaping!

E-liquid choices.

My Mulitvape Kit came complete with a 7ml bottle of Tobacco Leaf flavoured liquid however MultiCIG offer a variety of flavours to choose from including Coffee Break, Vanilla Sky and Apple Jack in various strengths and bottle sizes. They retail from £4.99 separately. 
I opted for another variety they offer, Menthol Mist, as I usually smoke menthol cigarettes, and it has a really refreshing taste - a cool menthol blast, not dissimilar to a fresh and minty mouthwash.


> If the button flashes blue more than 8 times, the battery needs charging.

> If the button flashes 3 times the coil needs replacing. You can buy replacement coils in packs of 5 for £9.99. This is easily done. Simply unscrew the 3 parts, as you did to fill the tank when setting your device up, to access the coil. These normally need changing roughly once a month but it all depends on how much liquid you get through and how 'hard' you draw on the mouthpiece. 

> If you're at all unsure about your device, simply call MultiCIG up (0845 226 8584). I did and they were incredibly helpful in diagnosing the coil needing replacing. I would never have thought about any coil needing replacing, I'd have thought it was broken and thrown away a perfectly good device. 


The device is easy to set up and get started. Funnily enough I vaped less than I would normally smoke which is a big plus for me. You'd think that because the e-liquid's vapour tasted so good I would have been vaping more but it's because of how tasty it is that I didn't. The flavour lasts much longer than a cigarette would so whenever I think I need a smoke, I'm reminded that I not long had one.

I also make a point of still going outside to vape, just as I would with a ciggy. This is simply because I don't want to get in to the habit of vaping at convenient times/places where I wouldn't normally be able to. As far as my smoking goes, it has dramatically reduced. I completely stopped for the first 10 days but didn't have my MulitVAPE with me when I needed it one day and I caved in but, my word, that ciggy tasted foul. 

What's the saying? Why have a burger when you have steak!

Visit MultiCIG at for the entire range.



  1. Well done on cutting back on the smoking x

  2. hopefully you can slowly get off these, great idea though x

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