Dear Finley #BabyBabble

Dear Finley 

I don't remember Carson being this much hard work! You want attention, like seriously, all the time. I'll make you pay for this when you're 14 and out with your friends, I'll want attention all the time... ringing, calling, teleporting (if that exists by then - should do, right?) Let me tell you, this could get embarrassing, kid! 

Nah, who am I kidding? It doesn't matter how wound up I get that you can't be left alone for 2 minutes, the second you smile at me when you've won just makes it all disappear. How can anyone not melt when they see your face? 
Mind you, Carson was a little cutey as well you know... things change. No offence to Carson here by the way, he's a handsome chap - I just mean that one day, before we know it, you won't be a doe-eyed little baby anymore. You'll be an independent little dude who's almost *almost* grown out of hugs and kisses at the school gate. 

On the one hand I'll be thankful when you stop firing poo on the couch, the second your bum-cheeks are free, but on the other I'll miss the tickles and laughter during each nappy change. When else will I get to do that? It's such a bonding thing is wiping poo dontcha know!

I want your teeth to hurry up and cut through because I can't bear your full-on fume fest when you can't gum something hard enough. Aww the frustration and tears you're going through trying to cut those first little toodypegs is just heart-wrenching. But then, when they're through you won't be my little gummy bear any more. 

I just want to tell you that, regardless of your constant niggles these past few days (I say niggles, more like mega-tantrums-of-the-year, but still...), I love you so very much. And you are such a smiley little baby, it actually astounds me as to how much you smile and giggle. You'd smile all the day long if someone was with you at every moment - especially if it was your brother. The way you look at him and watch his every move, babbling away as if trying to talk to him - it's just too cute. 

Anyway, gotta go... you're whinging again! 

*Huggle Alert* 

Loadsa love, 

Mummy xx


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  1. This is so lovely. :)

    I think those first two toothypegs coming though are bittersweet - nice for them not to have the pain any more but I will miss those gummy smiles!

    Thanks for hosting #babybabble :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Completely understand the smiles undoing anything bad they do! Our little guys first tooth came through yesterday. Happy and sad at the same time at him growing up so quick!

  3. Hehe love that!! I'm with you on the whingy baby thing!! ;)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. Aw bless him getting his little teggies! Totally understand one the demanding baby thing, but the smiles and giggles are so worth it!xx

  5. Lovely post. I never used to be able to leave Osian alone either, it was tiring but as you said I'd forget about it as soon as he smiled! xx


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