Is vtech's Kidizoom Smart Watch one to watch this Christmas?

Carson is obsessed with numbers and dates and times. 

If you tell him it's 10 to 8 in the morning he'll get very annoyed and correct you if, in fact, it's 7.49am. That one minute makes all the difference to him and can cause quite a lot of bother if I'm not accurate. (Ahhhh thank you aspergers!) 
His alarm clock in the bedroom is forever running out of batteries because he fiddles with it alllll the time and it's driving me crackers!

Anyway, he's asked Father Christmas for a new watch this year (unsurprisingly!) and we were already thinking of getting him an alarm clock too - that doesn't take AA/AAA batteries. 

So, when vtech offered the chance to review a Kidizoom Smart Watch I was absolutely made up.
I can't believe I'd not seen/heard of these before, which is odd because we'd actually already been looking at the Kidizoom Twist because Carson is always making videos and taking pictures on the ipad. 

And, funnily enough, when the Kidizoom Smart Watch arrived I discover that it's more than just a watch.
The vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch is an 8-in-1 accessory for boys and girls aged approx 5yrs - 12yrs. 

Features include:
1. Alarm Clock (Yesss!)
2. Games
3. Stopwatch & Timer (Great for brushing teeth/countdown to bedtime)
4. Videos
5. Take Photos
6. Photo Effects 
7. Voice Recorder & Distortion
8. Analogue & Digital Watch Displays

Let's take a look at the watch itself...

The screen is a 1.4inch touchscreen - small for a gadget but large for a watch. The camera is located at the top of the screen facing down the wrist as you wear it however as the watch is quite chunky, you won't catch a glimpse of your skin in the photo, the lens is nice and high from you. 

The button to take a picture or video is located on the right side and the home button on the left (the home button is essentially a back button) 

With it's durable, rubber-like strap and casing, it's fit for little clumsy hands - much better than them playing with your mobile phone or tablet!

The Smart Watch can hold up to 900 photo's or 15 minutes worth of video and, because you charge it up via usb, it's easy to transfer those photo's to your pc. 
Speaking of charging - you have to charge it fully before use, to took me 1.5hrs so if you're to buy this for Christmas for a littlun, I'd advise charging it the night before, just to avoid any "Is it ready yet?" chants! 

Once fully charged, it can last up to 2 weeks before needing to be charged again, dependant on usage of course. So battery usage times are advised as following: low usage: 2 weeks, typical usage: 2-3 days, and heavy usage:1 day.

The menu consists of 2 screens that are browsed through by swiping the touch screen and you have the option of having a 'beep' as you click on any choice. Handy for the younger ones I think. 

Even the camera/picture quality is great!

There are so many ways to rock this watch, regardless of age or gender. Analogue or digital are available in a vast array of designs. The pictures are just a couple! I love this feature because it's so easy to re-ignite the initial excitement, just by changing the design. Some options show the time and date, others just time. Take your pick!

There are 3 games, Finger Dance, Super Detective and Rotating Puzzle. I must be super honest and say that Finger Dance is frustrating for me as an adult so I can see it being a bit of an annoyance to Carson. You basically click on the music note before the bubble encases and pops it. It doesn't appear to be in time to the music or anything, just random bubble clicking. 
That said, Rotating Puzzle and Super Detective were brilliant! Rotating puzzle has levels of difficulty to run through, starting with just one square needing rotating. Super Detective shows you a character at the beginning then runs through snapshots of people. As soon as you see your man, click him. This is a race against time, the more times you spot him in the allotted time, the higher the points awarded.

Overall, I can't fault this product. It's everything that kids are loving these days rolled into one. Camera, games, video recorder, a watch. Then there are the added extras of voice distortion (robotic, high, low, sloooooowww!), alarm clock, timer & stopwatch plus frames for pictures to choose from.

I am shocked to find that this only costs £39.99. I am genuinely surprised at all the action the kids can get from this for such a small amount of money (gadget-wise) these days.

They come in blue, pink or white (I've reviewed the white) so you can buy specifically as to boy or girl's gift, or just general in white.

Without shadow of doubt, this has to be right up there for Christmas Wants this year. I am giving this a 10/10 -even though I didn't like Finger Dance!


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  5. Wow this looks pretty impressive, I have to say I am totally lost when it comes to these kids smart devices - my little one is 4 and we don't have a tablet or any electronics for him but are starting to look at different things now he is getting older

    Laura x

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    It looks fantastic! Great for Christmas x

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  13. Cool idea! Tough choice between this and the Leapfrog Leapband!

  14. I can't believe I'd not seen/heard of these before, which is odd because we'd actually already been looking at the Kidizoom Twist because ...


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