The Surcare Sensitive Range - Plus, be a Surcare Tester!

My skin struggles at the best of times - always prone to spots and rashes. 

How many of you out there have this same question thrown at you at the first sign of a rash: 
"Have you changed your washing powder?" 
Afterall, the majority of our bodies are covered in our clothes (especially come winter!) so whatever we wash those clothes in should be gentle and skin-friendly.

Having a baby also means using suitable and sensitive laundry products. Their skin is so delicate at this young age that they cannot tolerate strong chemicals or fragrances. Bless their little washed cotton socks. Babies, coupled with adult spot/rash prone skin calls for a non-bio product. 

I'll be straight with you - I dislike Fairy non-bio. The smell makes me sneeze! There's no denying it's a pleasant fragrance, it just irritates my nose. But I'd always continued to use it as it seemed to be the only branded non-bio product on the market. 

Well, instead of using our Fairy non-bio this past month, we have been trying out Surcare instead. And now that I'm wise to the range, I'm surprising myself at how easy it is to see on the shelves - I've just never noticed it before.

Surcare is a fragrance free, non biological, dermatologically tested and approved laundry product range. Wahoooo! Containing no dyes, enzymes or acids, Surcare products have nothing to irritate skin which makes this the perfect laundry product for our family, on paper. 

Appreciating that all consumers prefer different dispensing methods, you can take your pick of powder, liquid, gel and sachets from the range. They also produce a fabric softener and a washing detergent for the dishes (for your sensitive hands, of course!)

Surcare Sensitive Product Range, review, the difference between,

Offering families dermatologist-approved cleaning power at affordable prices, the range is available as follows:

Surcare Powder (dispense in to drawer) 10 washes
   Currently £2.00 for 10 washes at Waitrose HERE
   Currently £4.00 for 30 washes at Waitrose HERE

Surcare Liquid (dispense into drawer) 18 washes 
   Currently £2.00 at Waitrose HERE

Surcare Gel (dispense into lid, place in drum) 18 washes 
   Currently £3.00 at Waitrose HERE

Surcare Laundry Sachets (pop in drum) 10 washes 
   Normally £3.99 at Waitrose or Sainsbury's 
currently £3.00 at Waitrose* HERE

Surcare Fabric Conditioner (dispense in drawer) 28 washes
   Currently £1.00 at Waitrose HERE

Surcare Washing up Liquid
   Currently 75p at Waitrose HERE

The best bit about the Surcare range is that you get outstanding results at just 30C regardless of it being a non-bio product. 

So not only are you taking care of your skin, taking care of your families skin, and ending up with fresh clean clothes... you're saving money and energy on a low heat wash. Pow!

Whilst there doesn't appear to be much of a sud-fest going on in the drum during the cycle, all clothes smell clean and fresh once dried. 

It's also managed to get mucky school polo tops cleans in a 30c wash - impressive! 
I would recommend you use the fabric softener with heavy items, such as towels or dressing gowns, as they come out a little tough/hard without it. 

Whilst this range is on offer at Waitrose, I'd pick some up quick. They are available at other supermarkets but not currently on offer so will seem a little more expensive that the usual brands. That said, when you've sensitive skin, paying a little extra really makes a difference.

Be a Surcare Tester!
Surcare are looking for people to become part of their testing panel. 
Those on the panel will be sent products to test and review, as well as being asked for feedback on new product development. 
If you wish to be included on the panel, please email:
Include your name, email address and state your interest in the panel
Be sure to let them know where you found out about it too.



  1. I am always on the look out for washing products that work for sensitive skin, so thanks for this! #UKbloggers

  2. Thanks for the review. Products that are "fragrance free, non biological, dermatologically tested and approved" definitely sound very inviting for use with children. Your post has gotten my interest enough to want to give this a try. Thanks :-)

  3. I've never tried their products before but I will pick something up next time I am shopping.


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