Daylight Saving: Extra Hour or Extra Headache? #REVIEW

The clocks go back on Sunday 26th October. "Yaaaay! An extra hour's sleep!" I hear some joyously cry. Yeah well, they either don't have kids fullstop or they already own a GroClock.

Yes, that second time of the year has come where everything gets thrown upside down all because of one hour. In the summer we lose an hour of precious sleep on the night the clocks go forward. It puts us all out of sync - adults and children - and ends up being a super late night because it's still so light out at bedtime. Just when you think that's bad... what about the clocks going back? No way do we get that extra hour's sleep... the kiddywinks are up and about as normal only this time it's 5am instead of 6am. Ooof. I can't cope with the thought.

Thank goodness for the Groclock. A sleep trainer for those younger children whom have no concept of appropriate timing.

The Groclock itself is a large screened, sturdy upright standing  device with rubber-stopper feet to prevent any sliding around! It even comes with a colourfully illustrated book called Sleepy Farm. This can be used as part of the night-time routine whilst setting the alarm with your little one and is such a lovely little addition to the product itself.

With just 3 buttons and a very self explanatory menu, you can set bed-time and wake-time to whenever you need it to be. There's even the option for daytime nap-time too. A smiley, yellow screened sunshine indicates that it's OK to be awake whilst the blue screened sleeping star indicates that it's not.

The smaller stars around the outside of the large one slowly disappear during the night to depict the passing of time, which will teach your child that there's "not long to go"... or "you've still got ages - there's 10 stars left!"

Carson knows how to tell the time, but it doesn't stop him coming into my bed at the crack of dawn sometimes, or turning his TV on in his bedroom - which then disturbs Finley. I now tell him that if it's not on the sunshine, my bedroom and his TV is out of bounds. I was so surprised at how easily followed this was and I immediately felt the impact of having this clock. I think having a visual stimulant acts as the greatest reminder of all as instructions words are easily 'forgotten' when it comes to children!

On a bit of a tangent now... At Christmas, when I was little, we were allowed to get up early, but no earlier than 5am. That was a rule. If we went into our parents bedroom screaming that Santa had been before 5am, we'd all get a good telling off. I'm not as strict as my Mum & Dad were when I was a kid (although I wish I could be, because it worked!), but I will use Groclock for Carson this year. You can jump all over us in bed on Christmas morning just as long as the sunshine is on this screen!

Retailing at around £24.99 at the GroStore**, I think the price is entirely justified. It's a clock, a night-light, and a visually educational aid all in one, with the added extra of a bedtime story too.

Have you ever tried the Groclock? Did it work for you too?

**currently on offer for just £19.99 on Amazon. 


Prices correct at time of publishing..


  1. I so need one of these. I get very annoyed at my eldest two sons coming into our room at silly o'clock and waking up the baby!

  2. I so badly need one of these in my household, my eldest loves waking up super early!xx

    Emily xx

  3. I always wanted to get one of these clocks but never got round to it. And not looking forward to the nightmare of the clock change either.

  4. WOW! I wish they had an adult version of this gadget, overall I think it's a great way to train kids to have a good bedtime routine

  5. That is brilliant, I so need to get one of these for my little boy - if only for the weekend!


  6. We have a Gro Clock, it's such a clever little thing! I think that the visual reminder is just enough to encourage them to stay in bed. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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