Ella's Kitchen First Tastes Range #review

On 4th October Finley is 5 months old already.  Sheesh. If I've said it once, I've said it a bajillion times. IT'S GOING TOO FAST!!

Anyway, we gave him a taste of rice in his 3rd month and things (albeit blandly) were going well. But when Dad died, it all went out the window.
Then I had the opportunity to try out Ella's Kitchen First Tastes Range so I knuckled down and thought, right, let's wean!

Ella's Kitchen offer the very best of organic foods with no added extras.  None. At all. This is surely what all parents want for their little ones!

I don't have a lot of spare time whereby I can prepare, cook, puree, freeze from scratch so Ella's Kitchen First Tastes and Fruit Smoothies are absolutely up my street.  From only 79p per pouch, and can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours after opening, (or frozen for older kids!) it ticks all the boxes with me, as Mum.

Big question is, will it tick Fin's boxes too?

Ohhhh yes!!

He wolfed every flavour down without a whinge or a whine, but instead an excitable "ooh aah uh" and a smile! His absolute favourites were the Berry Yummy Yoghurt (Greek Style), a brand new addition to the range, directly from the pouch which retail at 99p each and Sweet Potatoes which is also a new introduction to the First Tastes range and cost £1.09 per pouch. 

Whilst you can feed baby directly from the pouch to spoon at room temperature, I decided to also add them to rice, rusks and porridge - both warm and cold. 
To say his palette has matured is an understatement.  He's gone from plain rice to all kinds of flavoured meals - sweet and savoury -  just by adding some of the First Taste Range here and there. 

I tried a jar of creamed porridge the other day, won't say which brand, but Finley hated it. It had to be used in 24 hours (half the time of the Ella's Kitchen pouches) and, whereas Fin often like a new taste on his 2nd attempt - not on the same day, I had to throw the entire jar away. How annoying? Well with Ella's Kitchen pouches I don't have this trouble. A) Finley didn't dislike anything anyway but B) if he did

IMO, Ella's Kitchen pouches are perfect for weaning. On their own, mixed with plain staples, longer life after opening than other brands, pretty darn cost effective if you ask me. WE LOVE 'EM!

DISCLAIMER: We received Ella's Kitchen Samples for purpose of review. We were not paid to write this post and all opinion are our own - open and honest as always.


  1. Oh Finley's face is just perfect, he looks like he is loving it! What a proud mum you must be :) Ella's kitchen seem like a really great brand too.

  2. It definitely looks as though these get the big thumbs up x

  3. These sounds like an absolute dream for weaning babies, I'd definitely want something with no added nasties!

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  4. This baby food looks lovely and your baby is really enjoying it by the smile on her face,

  5. Love Ella's Kitchen - like that it is completely organic #mummymonday

  6. Love Ella's Kitchen stuff.. originally bought it because its 100% organic but now its the only one A will eat.. says it all really! X

  7. I love Ella's Kitchen. Little J is 18 months and he still eats some of the toddler range now. #mummymonday

  8. What a cutie! And he certainly looks to be enjoying the new tastes. #mummymonday


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