Very Superstitious - Is the writing, really, on the wall?

Now, anyone who knows Carson will know he has quirks in his behaviour at the best of times, never mind inheriting such 'ways' from anyone else he spends time with.

I'll explain...

Carsonsdaddy has had rituals, of sorts, ever since I met him 7 years ago. The norm includes checking things 6 times (that doors are locked, that window handles are wiggled 'to be sure') and NEVER walking over grids - god forbid there are double grids in sight.

But if he happens to have an item of clothing on when something bad happens, it shall never be worn again for fear of it being unlucky. Vice versa also applies. Man City and Chelsea dropping points against Sunderland are thanks to him and his choice of clothing on the day - swear!

You'll know from Twitter that I am a mahoosive Liverpool fan, as is Carson and his daddy.

My birthday this year, we were playing West Brom and drew 1-1, dropping 2 points. Apparently, his shaving on the day caused us to drop points and he shouldn't have done it. He doesn't shave on match days - what on EARTH was he thinking?!

LOL, I hear you giggle. This aint a joke, I'm not pulling your chain here guys - Carsonsdaddy is deadly serious! He genuinely breaks out in cold sweats over this kind of thing.

So to make up for it, restore his version of worldly balance, he pledged not to shave until we drop points again.

FOOTBALL FANS.... You will note that we have not dropped points since!!!!

We have won 11 games on the bounce. And I have a beastly, grizzly, hairy mofo of a partner in Carsonsdaddy - it was 3 MONTHS AGO!!!

I can't say I'm a fan of the look - but I will say that I'm a fan of his dogged determination and dedication to the cause. I will also say that if he did shave before his superstition warrants, that I will go NUTS if it causes us to drop points. I appear to be converting to his way of thinking...

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place in that I want, nay - need, LFC to win the title but I'm also genuinely worried that if the weirdo beardo thing stays true, then I could end up with the hairiest git in all of Kingdom come next season. Urgh!

Seriously though. We all have superstitions - and I actually love that about people in general. It's brings light heartedness to situations that could otherwise be boring.

I also appreciate that the extreme end of the spectrum and that OCD can be debilitating for people. Carsonsdaddy is beyond frustrated with his new, erm, look. It is paining him. I can tell. What am I saying, I can HEAR it. He moans all the time about the two-toned, wirey, shelf on his face - but he has said he could never forgive himself if we dropped points and he had shaved.

Very Superstitious, or something a little more?

Do you have anything similar to this?!

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  1. Haha! I love this!! I swear I'm the same though, if i do something differently something bad will happen. He has to keep at it though LFC need to win the league! Come on you red men ;) xx

  2. Wow that sounds a slightly debilitating way of living your life! :-) We had someone from the Criminal Records Bureau (Liverpool) in my office the other day and I could hear them talking about the football (we have big Man U and Spurs fans) but other than that I am entirely unaware of anything to do with it!! #brilliantblogposts

  3. Ha, ha... really made me laugh. I'm pretty superstitious too!

  4. Ha, I've never really had any superstitions but I wish I did as they seem kind of fun.

    Corinne x

  5. Hi there. I used to be superstitious like this when I was a teenager but my little rituals generally didn't work! Is he allowed to shave at the end of the football season? That's not too far away but if he decides to try and maintain the winning streak into the next season, then you could have a much bigger, grizzly problem on your hands! Good luck. I'm a southerner and most of the family are Chelsea supporters but I'd actually like to see Liverpool win this time. #brilliantblogposts

  6. This post has really made me giggle, especially as I am a West Brom fan. I have lots of superstitions too, not least that when my nails break bad things seem to start happening...sounds mad I know but seems to be true!


  7. I feel for ya Jo that hair is taking over your husband! p.s. don't forget about me and the tranmere shirt ;) bad luck right there that is xx

  8. Your blog made me laugh out loud!!!

    My husband is a huge Liverpool fan. He's so over excited at the prospect of Liverpool winning this season..........I really hope they do as it's a lovely change having a happy football fan in the house!!

  9. Does he look good with a beard?

  10. I suppose it is whether it's interfering with his life or not, cognitive behavioural therapy can create quick, lasting change and he can be referred by his dr, it changed my cousin's life. If it's just the odd, liveable thing then no need. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


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