*Review* April's Nonabox

First and foremost... What is Nonabox?

Nonabox is a NEW subscription service which delivers direct to your door a beautiful box of luxury, personalised products for mother and baby, suitable for pregnancy and the first two years of a baby’s life. 
Filled with hand-selected products from some of the UK’s best brands, each Nonabox is tailored to different stages of a baby’s development. Whether you are in the late stages of pregnancy and worrying about breastfeeding, stretchmarks and newborn essentials or have an active one year old which needs entertaining and feeding, Nonabox has it all planned out.

I was lucky enough to win a 3 month subscription in a competition at the beginning of the year - receiving my first in January and last in March.

I wanted to write about my experience and thoughts based on these boxes but due to the subscription being a prize, it was treated slightly differently to a usual subscription. I know this because I asked if my experience was usual prior to jotting any thoughts.

In the interest of fairness in reviewing Nonabox' services, they kindly offered to sign me up to a usual subscription free of charge for the purposes of experiencing its entirity, rather than going off of my different 'prizewinners' experience.

A 3 month subscription comes at a cost of £25 per month and you are guaranteed to receive a box full of goodies with a greater value than that you pay.

Gladly accepting, my first one - the April box - arrived last week here's what I got..

First Impressions were "n'aaawwww how cute is this?!"

I can see why this would be a good choice of gift for someone, the box is so lovely - and most definitely reusable too.

Nonabox Arrival.

Opening the box, I am greeted with another package inside the box, delicately wrapped in tissue - dying to be ripped open!
... So I do, before taking a picture - whoopsie, sorry!!

Here's a brief overview of the products I received...

nonabox contents for april 2014
April's Nonabox Contents.

IMPORTANT REALISATION: The value of this box is immense compared to the £25 price tag per month!!

As a blogger, I will receive the more general box of what Nonabox have to offer, rather than a personalised box - which is the service they do aspire to provide. So I shouldn't judge the contents as far as personal relevancy goes.
Having said that, if this had have been a personalised box, the only item totally irrelevant to me would have been item number 3. (Plum Mighty 4 Yoghurt.) This is because it goes out of date before my bump will be able to use. This doesn't mean to say I'll be binning it - I have friends who could happily try this out instead.

Number 4 (Mega Bloks First Builders Block Buddy) is suitable for children aged 1-5yrs. I showed it to Carson, who you'll all know is nearly 6 now, and he advised he will wrap this up for brother-bump's first Christmas. Essentially meaning he ain't interested in it - but it's not even 5% of the boxes value so, again, I'm not too disappointed with this.

My 2 fave items in April's Nonabox are number 5) Soother Company Dummy, and number 6) Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream. This is because, the dummy is perfect for any gender of child and the cream is a fabulously indulgent treat for mum/mum to be, regardless of the stage of pregnancy or parenting the recipient is at.

Number 5: The Soother Company I LOVE MUMMY DUMMY (rrp £5.06)

Number 6: Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream (rrp £29)

First Month's Final Thoughts?

Not only do you receive a beautifully presented giftbox with contents value much higher than that you pay, you also get to sample some items that you wouldn't necessarily actively look for, or dare spend your money on anyhow.
An example of this would be Number 7 (Green People Organic Babies Lavender Baby Shampoo and Wash rrp £7.25), I wouldn't dream of actively looking for and purchasing such a high value item, in my opinion of course, without ever having sampled it first. This is the perfect opportunity for me to do that, without worrying that I've well overspent!

I am seriously impressed. I hope that the quality of contents are consistently high, just like April's, and I'll be sure to feedback my future findings to you all.

In the meantime,  click here to see the options that Nonabox have to offer and let me know what you think - which option would you go for?

Have you had experience of Nonabox? What were your thoughts? If you have a review yourself, please leave me your links in the comments box and I'd love to check it out!

Love, Carsonsmummy xx

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a Nonanbox free of charge in return for an open and honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.


  1. I've heard good and bad about them, but just couldn't justify that much a month on Maternity Pay, but I'm drawn in by all these subscription boxes. I have no willpower.


  2. after having three children, I can honestly say the only thing in the box that we would have used was the Green People shampoo. I often think these sorts of boxes are a way to basically sell lots of unnecessary products to new parents.

  3. I've heard pros and cons and have cancelled all my subscription boxes but this is definitely tempting!

  4. Some great products in here but this isnt a box I would need personally glad you liked it x


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