Interview with a 5yr Old!

I commented on Nicola's post over at Barefoot Mahala and adored her Interview with her 3 year old. I asked her specifically to do this myself without ripping her idea off LOL!

So Carson, age 5... Insists on being called Sir for this post by the way...

Q1: What is your favourite food? 
A1: Spaghetti Cheese 'cuz it's so tasty and mum is the best cook in the world.
Mum comment: Well, you know...! *blush*

Q2: Where do carrots come from? 
A2: Shops.
Mum comment: Fod Slap! More educating required!

Q3: Who is in your family? 
A3: My mum, my dad, my brother-bump, Angela & Blake my Goldfish and Shubunkin!
Mum Comment: He loves those fish!

Q4: What is your favourite colour? 
A4: Purple, because it's like dark pink but not so girly.

Q5: What is your favourite song? 
A5: Starships by Nicki Minaj, oh yeah! *Breaks out in song*

Q6: What makes you happy? 
Q6: Going to the Monkey House. Really! 
Mum Comment: A soft play area that we don't often visit :-/

Q7: What makes you sad? 
A7: Nothing. But what makes me worried is spiders because they're a little bit scary. I don't like their webs, also. Because they catch flies. And then the spider eat the flies you know. Eeewww, it's horrible.

Q8: What’s your favourite animal? 
A8: Giraffe. Because I like their spots

Q9: What is your favourite toy? 
A9: My teddy Patrick from Spongebob
Mum Comment: He made this himself at Build-a-bear last August. It has a strawberry heart and Carson's own voice inside of him. Best £20 spent ever!

Q9's Answer!
Q10: What is the best thing in the world? 
A10: My mum. You cook things lovely and you're the best mum I could ever have.
Mum Comment: *no payment was made for this answer!*

Q11: What do you like to do? 
A11: Paint, colour in, I like to also draw pictures too.

Q12: Who runs the country? 
A12: Errrrrr..... Ohhh this is hard. Is it God?
Mum Comment: we're not religious in this house... nor very political, clearly.

Q13: What does Mummy do for work? 
A13: Get loads of money by doing work.
Mum Comment: Ha! I wish

Q14: What does Daddy do? 
A14: The same as mum. 
Mum Comment: Oh dear!

I love how kids are so innocent in what they say... don't you!

Thanks for reading! xx


  1. haha 5 years can be soo funny i have one and a four year old thats just as funny, x

  2. this is such a cute post! Such a great age they are so opinionated xx

  3. He is adorable and how lovely that you're his favourite thing in the world. Totally going to do these interviews when my little one is a bit older :)

    Fiona @

  4. ahh this was lovely to read. and awwwwwwww@brother-bump!

  5. Aww this post is adorable! So so sweet :) x

  6. Noooo Carson - Bubbles all the way - it poops on the Monkey House - Have you ever been down them slides!!! (That bit's directed at you by the way Jo not Carson) :)

    Becci C

  7. Ah, you're the best thing in his world. Adorable. I did something similar with my 4yo recently, and it was fun to do :)

  8. That is seriously lovely!! I hope when my little boy is old enough he will also say I'm the best cook in the world and the best person in the world! Carson is very cute!

  9. Who runs the country, God? Ha ha! What a little cutie. Lovely idea to do an interview with your boy. Good luck with your little boy on the way (assume it's a boy as you called it a brother-bump? I have three boys - boys rock!).

  10. Great answers and lovely pic of him on the sofa. I may have to do this with our little bear as I've seen a couple of interviews. :)

  11. Love the honesty of children!xx

  12. Lol! I love hearing children's thoughts on things, all so innocent! Great post.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  13. Love his answers! So candid! =P #letkidsbekids

  14. This is brilliant, a couple of his answers made me laugh out loud! Must try this with my 5yo :) #LetKidsBeKids

  15. This is fantastic, so cute, I will have to try this with mine. #letkidsbekids

  16. Love this idea! So cute especially love his reason for loving purple.

  17. Ha bless all 5 year olds!

  18. THIS is awesome! I have to do this when my girls are older! Who runs the country? GOD!

  19. THIS is awesome! I have to do this when my girls are older! Who runs the country? GOD!


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