Persil’s Cook With the Kids Promise!

 "Persil washing up liquid reveals that 88% of parents avoid cooking with their children because they worry about mess."  

.... I am one of those parents... and, I cringe as I tell you all that too.

It's so sad that I would rather have a clean kitchen than have fun with Carson isn't it? I quietly seek solace in that at least I'm not alone. *hmmph*

Having revealed that 88% of parents avoid cooking due to the mess they might make, Persil Washing Up Liquid has launched a 'Cook with the Kids' promise, aimed at getting 100,000 parents to sign up to spend time baking and making that mess with the kids!

So I did just that by signing up here. (Feeling a bit better about myself, and the messy kitchen now!)

This morning, Carson and I got baking superhero cookies and I let him revel in the downpour of sieved flour and smashed smarties.... Check out his face!!

Persil Cook with the Kids Promise

Best bit? 
He insisted on doing the washing up with me afterwards! 

Persil's new formula, available now, will clean 12% (circa 1,400) more dirty plates than before so who cares if there's a bit more washing up to do than normal?

Persil Cook with the Kids
Also available in Pink Blush, Orange Crush, Fresh Mint and Spring Blossom.
RRP £1.00 per 500ml.

We used the Apple Fizz variety when washing up and I must say, the cookie dough came away from the bowls very easily, making the dishes 'squeaky clean' in super fast time - especially given that a 5 year old was in charge! Hoorah!!

I am definitely going to keep cooking with Carson.

We had the best fun - and it was only cookies. Imagine how much fun we could have if we made a meal together?

Well, I've embedded a video from YouTube that you might find helpful, giving a little more of an insight as to the Cook with the Kids Promise, feel free to give it a watch and do let me know how you feel towards baking with the kids.

Are you like me - need a bit of persuading to make a mess? 
Or is it something you relish in on a regular basis?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post and I was not paid. 
However I did receive the 2 pictured bottles of product free of charge, as part of the press pack behind this campaign.


  1. Carson looks like he had a great time! I have signed up and can't wait to get stuck into our baking day making a cake for your baby shower ;)

  2. looks like so much fun!! happy easter xx

  3. I'm the same with younger cousins and stuff, the mess does my head in, even looking at your pics made me recoil but I suppose I'll be different when it's my own kids...fingers crossed :)



  4. I'm not so good with cooking, crafting or painting with children and need to do it more often. I think it really does help with skills later on in their lives.


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